Dear Media

I hereby challenge you to write/present an article on Indias Tour to Australia without mentioning these things

1. Last tour for famous five
2. Weak Indian bowling
3. Down under
4. Will Sehwag open?
5. Pace and bouncy tracks
6. No fast tracks in India
7. Only 1 tour game

Tell something, which we all don’t know. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Dear Media

  1. Racism might raise its ugly head again against the players or the team members. Australian crowd (not to generalize) is quite notorious for their racist behavior. Recent claims of Indian crowd abusing Andrew Symmonds might add fuel to the fire..

  2. Dear Prabhu,
    I hereby challenge you to write/present an article on your blog without mentioning these things
    – Abusing media
    – Amusing your fans with some stupid He-She
    – Tell the world about obvious news about football or F1
    – Blasting cricket & cricket fans
    – Glorifying AR Rahman
    – Trying to nakkal adichify Vijaykanth, Karan Johar & the likes

    Write something which we can all try hard to read. Thank You!

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