Pakkoda Nostalgia

Heavy Rain. Eat Mundhiri pakkoda. Schools closed. Postpone homework. Eat Mundhiri pakkoda. Play in rain. Feel guilty about homework nextday evening. Visit Pillayara temple. Come home. Eat Mundhiri pakkoda. Power cut. Finish homework in candle/raandhal(spelling?) light. Sleep listening to thavalai satham. It is nostalgic, but I dont miss my school days. Never. No homework. Phew. Life is good now. Now it is only work from home 😀

12 thoughts on “Pakkoda Nostalgia

  1. //Postpone homework. Feel guilty about homework nextday evening//

    hmmm ithey story than… now… postpone assignments… then feel guilty when semester holiday ends… hahahahahha…

  2. Hello! No, you don’t know me… am just a blip, passing by – couldn’t leave without letting you know how this post brought a knowing smile and a warm nostalgic moment before I got jolted back to today’s reality 🙂 Cheers!

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