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Orkut is acting Ramadoss. Sorry, acting crazy. I get notifications that someone has scrapped, but there is no scrap. Silly orkut.

Yesterday I was watching this movie ‘Chathriyan’. Its a moive starring two of my favorites ‘Captain’ and Banupriya. But this movie got released before Captain became Gaptun. So there is no fun. On the contrary, it is a treat for all Banupriya fans. Do you like the song ‘maalayil Yaaro manadhoadu pesa’? It is one of my alltime favorites.

The best thing I like in this song is that, there is only Banupriya. For instance, according to the movie she dreams about Vijayakanth. But not in a single frame of this song, we get to see Vijayakanth or any other group dancers. It is Banupriya and only Banupriya. I dont remember seeing many such dream songs.

Next, the location of the song. Is it in India? If yes, where? Or by any chance Thailand?
Finally, do you associate your favorite Hero/Heroines with a song or scene? Whenever someone mentions Banupriya the first thing that comes to my mind is this song.

So, there you go. Orkut, Banupriya and Association!

Update: I was chatting with my friend, Nochu Nagamma, and she asked me about Visu, Nagesh, Revathi, Jothika and Aamir Khan!

Visu – Kudumbam oru kadhambam and Samsaram adhu Minsaram
Nagesh – Server Sundaram
Revathi – mouna Ragam
Jothika – Oh sona -Vaali
Aamir Khan – Pehla Nasha, JJWS

Whats in your list? 😀

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  3. me too getting notifications but no scrap… stupid orkut..

    First thing that comes to my mind about Banupriya is Jaadhi malli poocharame from Azhagan.. but soon i think that mammooty looks awesome in that song and so the banupriya thought is rather shortlived!

    there is one serial in suntv now where she comes.. i have only seen the trailer where she jumps up and down.. nejamave adhirudhu illa! adha paarunga, apparam indha song ellam marandhudum…

    somehow visu pathi nenacha, off late unga blog thaan nyabagam varudhu..:D

  4. visu for me is ‘arrattai arangam’
    revathi in ‘malagir mattum’
    aamir khan in ‘lagaan’/’andaz apna apna’
    Jo – many mental images though the ‘kakha kakha’ song is more frequent

  5. Orkut is not being stupid…..This happens because – whenever someone scraps us, we get the notification in gmail. But when he/she deletes that particular scrap, the notification still stays but not the scrap. I have found this to happen a number of times and later I have confirmed with my friends also that they did write a scrap but later deleted that.

  6. On Orkut>>
    I thought somebody scrapped me and then later deleted their scrap from my scrapbook. Thanks for throwing light on the issue.. I’ll check with my friends though..

    On Associations>>
    Visu – Samsaram adhu Minsaram
    Nagesh – maadipadi Maadhu in Ethir Neechal
    Revathi – Nettru illatha maatram song
    Jothika – Chandramukhi (heh heh)
    Aamir Khan – not on my list
    I add:
    Vadivelu – not sure about the movie but the panchayat scene with the famous “enna kaiya puduchu izhuthiya?” dialog. Anyone knows which movie it is from?

  7. also saw the song… bhanupriya looks amaxing….but saw her now in one of the serials….classic xample of wat age can do to someone

  8. >>Orkut scraps
    Many orkut accounts were affected by a virus and the virus started sending out scraps to everyone on the friends list of the affected profile….Even i got the notifications… Orkut got into the act immediately and deleted those virus scraps…. so actually, not “stupid orkut” but “proactive orkut”….

    >> song location
    I guess it is Pichavaram (near chidambaram).. not sure!

    Rajni – Baasha
    Nagesh – role of ‘Dharmi’ (Thiruvilayadal)
    Aamir Khan – Bhuvan(Lagaan), JJWS
    Maddy – Karthik (Alaipayudhey)
    SRK – Mohan in Swades
    Asin – Kalpana in Gajini

  9. the location is andaman,no doubnt in it, i read it in some magazine
    it’s my favourite song
    the location ,lyrics, voice everything fine in this song

  10. Amala – Mella Thiranthathu Kathavu
    Just one movie she was like that..then gone lean.

    Ajith – Dheena – that restaurant scene where he gives a shock to both villans & Lila 🙂

  11. I have often thought about associations 🙂 Here’re mine:

    Shriya: Sivaji *wink* *wink*

    Simbu: Jodi No 1

    T Rajendhar: Vaada yen machi, vaazhakkai bajji fight scene. I guess this was the pre-runner for Vikram’s “singam pola” (Dhool)

    Old Vijay: “Soaping” scene from some early-90’s movie (adhukku than ippo avarukku doctor pattam kuduthurukaangalaam)

    New Vijay: I dont think abt him at all

  12. Nadhiya – Pooovae poochudavaa

    Rajini – Thalapathy

    Surya – Kaakha kaakha

    Jo – Kushi

    Simran – Vaali

    Madhavi – What is that film that picturises “Kaadhalin dheepam”?

  13. Hi,

    For me

    Kaundamani : ‘Ada ennda enkita keta” ( KArakatakaran)

    Sendhil : ‘Edhu than mantila anne” ( I think it is vaidagi kathirundhal) can somebody velakify!

    Nagesh : Dharmi ( Thiruvilayadal) , ” Illai manikavum ” (Bama vijayam – best movie in tamil cinema histroy)

    Vennira aadai murthy : ISland estate khan hai ! ( “Nadigan”)

    Manorama : Chinna kounder

    Vadivelu : ” Amma Dubai la enga vela pathey” ( Vetrikodikattu”)

    Vivek : ” Enda omana kutti !!” (Budget Padhmanaban)

    Chinni Jayanth : haaaan!! , gilma gilma !! ( dont know the movie)

    PArthiban : ” Amma Dubai la enga vela pathey” ( Vetrikodikattu”)

    Vijay : ” marudha maalai ma maniye murugaya” ( Gilli)

    Trisha : Samy

    Vikram : Pithamagan

    Simbu : Fight Scene ( “Jodi # 1”- Adhanga andha ellarum vandhu dance aduvangale!! ) 😉

    Sivaji : Raja raja cholan!

    Prabhu : “Enna kodumai saravanan edhu ” (Chandramukhi)

    Radha : ” ennaku velli kambi venum ya” (Mudhal mariyadhai)

    Ajith : ” Konja naanl poru thalaiva” ( Aasai)

    Vijayakanth (Gaputan) : ” Enna thotta andha currentuke shock adikum” (Narasimha)

    Rajini : Basha

    Kamal : Velu nayakar, Shanmugi, Kameswara!,Thenali ,HA!! need a seperate blog to list!!

    Kushboo : Chinathambi

    last but not least

    T.R : “vennialavu sonnadhu I love you !!” and dance (from Prabhu’s blog ) :))

    Thats all I could remember now !!

  14. About Bhanupriya,

    If you ever get a chance, see the Telugu film “Swarna Kamalam”. It is her best film, where she comes as a reluctant dancer. A world-famous bollywood actress looks just like Bhanupriya in that film. Look at the close up shots of Bhanupriya in that…easy to guess who it is. Being born in the right place at the right time counts:-(

    It’s too bad she did not maintain herself. But it will be a while before the “keep-slim” mantra hits married South Indian men and women. On the other hand, I wonder if it is necessary to be ‘slim’. Healthy would be a better option.

  15. I also like Malayil song very much, but for different reasons though. The tune and Swarnalatha’s voice is so good in that. I always keep humming that song. That song is my mother’s favorite too.

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