My dear kuttichaathan

My dear Kuttichaathan,

In the song Boyfriend boyfriend secret boyfriend (Snehidhane snehidhane ragasiya snehidhane) the female singer sings ‘Sathamindri thuyilvaai’ somewhere in the middle. Is she inferring that her guy should not snore?

Kalaignar is referred to as head of all Tamils etc. But why is that people with worst tamil pronunciation a la subramanya bharathy of thillumullu are recruited? Last week one lady described the bangalore test as follows ‘பெங்கலூர் போட்டியில் விக்கெட்டுகல் மல மலவென விலுந்தன’. தமிழ் கொலைஞர் டிவி . ellam ayewaas.

Why are dance directors and stunt men called as master? In fact even women like Brindha, Kala are called as Brindha Master, Kala Master. Why is that?

Can you explain this line from this article?
If the sequence is so powerful that it has made the reluctant kissers give in, then it must be something special!

Did you know that kutti karadi err kutti TR kuralarasan is the next hero from the den of TR? Sollunga Prithvi. Cha! Sollunga Kutti. Ayyo. Sollunga Kuttichaathan 😀

In matrimony sites we get to see ads like ‘We are looking for a suitable boy for my daughter’. Boy??? Child marriage no?

A tamil movie called ‘Boochandi’ is releasing. Copyright violation 🙁

P.S. I dont want to know serious answers for these questions!

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  2. See those previous lines before saththaminRith thuyilvaay

    “chinnach chinna aththumeeRal purivaay
    en cell ellaam pookkaL pookkach cheyvaay…malargaLil malarvaay
    poopparikkum bakthan pola medhuvaay
    naan thoongumbodhu viral nagam kaLaivaay…”

    After all this hardwork the guy is so tired he falls flat on his face and sleeps like a baby.. Hence no snoring 🙂

  3. My dear Kuttichathan

    romba naalla indha kelvigalukku vidai thedi alaiyaren..

    Thali kattina udane frnds and relatives asking “mappilai vandhacha?? or mattupon vandhacha??” to the bride/groom’s parents

    “enna line clear ayidutha??” to the bride/groom’s (single) siblings…

    evangallam enna ketka asai padaranga … ivangalukkelam enna badil sollanum…ungalala help panna mudiyuma….

  4. One more Qn, may not qualify for a MDK though..

    What happened to the blogger Thennevan?(

    Anyone got any info?

  5. where can i watch My Dear Kuttichaathan tamil version.?
    i really really need to find that movie.
    -kamal hassan

  6. where can i watch My Dear Kuttichaathan tamil version.?
    i really really need to find that movie.
    -kamal hassan

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