Brothers and Sisters

You walk into a Men’s store called ‘Brothers’. You keep looking at all nice T Shirts and shirts. One look at the price tag, you realise its not worth it. You keep walking straight. And suddenly, you realise you are in the Lingerie section. How on earth does a mens store have a
lingerie section, you wonder. You turn back and struggle to find the way you came in. And its already few seconds since you have been in the lingerie section. There are lots of women. You try to run away, if only you can find the entrance. You encounter a saleswoman who asks
‘Yes sir, can you please let me know what are you looking for?’. You say ‘Err. The exit?. She giggles and points the way. When you walk out, you hear few girls giggle behind your back. Once you get out, you look at the shop name. It is ‘Sisters’. You realise Brothers and Sisters are connected, not only in real life, but also in the shop.

Life is cruel, I tell you!

16 thoughts on “Brothers and Sisters

  1. WTF. I would have asked for a “x or y” size “a or b” color Lingerie and told them it is for my wife/girl friend/ex GF. If the saleswoman said there no such combination they should be embarassed for not having the stock. If they showed you what you asked for, you could have told them the price was not right and could have exited the shop grecefully 🙂

    Life is not cruel man. Its the girls who laughed at you are CRUEL.

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  3. Lol…you think that is crazy, my best friend were at a lingerie store once and there was a male salesperson. We were like wtf? Apparently, there’s a trans day, so they need to have a male in case someone wants to talk to a male rather than a female. We were just like oh, thank god.

    Now that guy was the one that looked out of place. Poor thing, all the girls were giving either dirty looks or there was of course the few that were going up to him for advice!

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