No. I am not going to write about about any girl. But am going to mention about a group of girls 😛 Today evening I was going to a ilai thazhai party at my swedish friends place. Somewhere around Botaniska Garden a group of girls with Red Bull, got into the tram. No, they were not die hard fans of David Coulthard or Mark Webber. Four of them were wearing the satna claus cap and one of them was in white overall (I dont know what to call that dress. It looked like a white color paavadai sattai), and an electric candle(?) on her head. Then they started singing and dancing in the tram. And to my surprise, other people in the tram started clapping and cheering them. After a couple of stops, the girls got down and vanished. I really had no clue to what I witnessed.

Once I reached my friends place, I told him about this and he said it had to do something with the Lucia festival . It seems in early days, in every ciommunity, they celebarted Lucia festival by making a selected girl wear white overalls and a real candle sing ‘lucia lucia’ along with her friends and a young boy ‘ginger boy’ play along with them. And since the number of fire accidents due to the candle increased, they replaced the candle with electric candle. It is celebrated on 13h of december and is considered as a prelude to Christmas celebrations.

Sounds quite interesting. I wish Anna Adarsh girls sang, atleast, Surangani in 15F 😛

11 thoughts on “Lucia

  1. Interesting..

    Reminds me of the “mobile kutcheri”s that used to happen at my Paatti’s place a few yrs back on Diwali days.. Early morning 5 PM ku road la vaaddhiya kuzhu ellaam povaanga.. Dunno if it still happens at some places..

  2. //I wish Anna Adarsh girls sang, atleast, Surangani //

    தோடா, ஆசைய பாரு ! ஒழுங்கா தமிழ் பேசினா போதாதா ?

  3. Cool… kind of like how people go around singing christmas carols. Just enjoy the culture =)… so why were you surprised? you expected them to get kicked off the tram or what?

  4. We have a similar custom in Tamizh Nadu in Margazhi maasam where a group of guys sing “thiruppavai” and “thrivembavai” during the early morning hours on the streets with a dollakku similar to what is shown in the Anniyan movie. I believe this custom survives only in a few places today.

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