Saturday night

He and She are getting to know each other. She is his colleague, and has gone to her hometown for DeepavaLi. He keeps sending SMS after SMS to her( ofcourse SMS like ‘Hope you are having good fun at home. Take care’, ‘So what did mom cook today?’, and She responds once in a while ‘Hey. My phone was in silent mode. Just saw your messages. Am good.’ He has been listening to ATM(Azhagiya Thamizh Magan) for sometime. Later, he sends a sms ‘Saturday night party kku pogalam variya’ to She. As expected, there is no response. And she doesnt talk much to him for the remaining days.

Monday. She comes back.

He: Hey. How was vacation?
She: Good
He: Sweets koNdu vandhu irukkiya?
She: Hmmm. Will send mail sometime before distributing
(He is bit worried since She is not talking properly)
He: Ok. Are you feeling homesick or something?
She: Hmm illai. Seri naan un kitta appuram pesava? I have lots of mails to be cleared before starting work
He: Ok.
(During lunch time)
He: Lunch kku polaama?
She: Illai. Enakku konjam late aagum. You carry on
He: I will wait.
She: Ayyo. Paduthaadhe. Po solren la
He: Seri seri. Dont get tense.
(He is upset big time now. In the evening)
He: Can we talk for sometime?
She: Yeah
He: Enna aachu?
She: Onnum aagaliye
He: Illai. Inniku full day seriyave pesalai nee 🙁
She: Hmmm
He: En mela kovama?
She: No (Which means yes)
He: Pinna?
She: Illai. I think I am talking too much and getting close too soon. Its not good.
He: Yaen ippadi ellam pesare. Ippo enna aaiduthu
She: Illai. I am quite conservative. You like it or not, thats the way I am
He: but unnai yaaru conservative aa irukka vendaam nu sonna?
She: Huh? Sir enna message anupineenga?
He: Err. Naan neRaya message anuppinen. Edha solre?
She: Saturday night party kku pogalaam variya nnu kaekkare? You know how bad I felt?
He: Enna kindalaa?
She: Huh?
He: The SMS that I sent was a song from the movie ‘Azhagiya Thamizh Magan’
She: What???
He: Pinna ennavaam. Nee conservative aa iru. Naan illai sollalai. But adhukaaga ennai ippadi nenachutiya? Do I like like somone who keeps calling every girl for a party on a saturday?
She: Naama ippo dhaane pesa aarambichom. Enakku unnai pathi innum avlova theriyaadhe
He: Very good. Fine. Sorry for the message. Bye
She: Hey
He: Enna?
She: Enakku eppadi theriyum indha padathula andha madhiri oru paatu irukku nu?
He: I dont blame you for anything. I cant expect you to know the song. But I felt bad that you assumed things without even asking me. Anyways.
She: Anyways enna?
He: Nothing.
She: Seri seri. Calm down. Inimela message anuppacha puriyara madhiri anuppu
He: Aaamam. Vividhbaradhi la vara madhiri ‘Kothavalchavadi She avaragaLin viruppathil peril ippoazhudhu azhagiya thamizh magan padathil irundhu ‘Saturday night party kku variya’ endra paadalin varigaL sms aaga anuppapadugiradhu. Isai AR Rahman. Anuppubavar Madayan He
She: He he

35 thoughts on “Saturday night

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  3. HE Nalla samalichurukaan nu thonuthu…he sent that message wantedly and trying to see how she is reponding… if she has reponded properly then he ku pick up…but wat happend was the opposite so ivan ennamo romba nallavan maari pesi kovuthutaan…

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  5. Ya know…its very obvious for she to mistake he…and he doesnt deserve any apology…he cant expect ppl to know which new song has wht line…and ofcourse such a message to any gal who’s not close enuff wud tend to irk her alrite…idhula uthaman madhiri ‘naan appadi pattavan illai’ nu dialogue mattum adika vaendiyadhu!!!! Hmph!!!

    Idhu kadhai dhaan…but i still feel whatevr he did was stupid!!! 🙂

  6. Ella He-yum panra kadhai thaan. Esagu pisagaa edhavadhu ulara vendiyadhu.. Appurom ketaa mattum paatu anupichen aatu kutti anupichennnu solla vendiyadhu.

    Yaaru kaadhula poo suthureenga?

  7. Too Good.

    I heard the song even b4 release of th emovie..

    Good usual Ferrari, you are making us laugh…Nalla sirichen….

    Thanks and keep writing!

  8. some body is smelling while i am speaking with my aathukar same conversation pinnitinga ponga but antha smell person en kaila kidachan avanuku iruku puja

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  10. Romba nalla irunthathu… i’ve been reading again after a long break… just rolls back years n brings back memories of my (now ex) lover… just too good… :p

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