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Everyone in life has a favorite proverb. My favorite one is from one of the great philosopher Mr Crazy Mohan. ‘kaeLvi kaekkaradhu romba easynga. Badhil solradhudhaan kashtam’. (Its very easy to ask questions, but tough to answer). There are many questions for which, Mr Nachu Namasivayam finds no answer. After looking at the wonderful ‘My dear bodyguard muneeswaran’ series from IdlyVadai, I was thinking of a new series. A new series, where I ask questions for which I or Nachu have no answer. And sometimes information, which I would like to share. My dear Kuttichaathan is that series

My dear kuttichaathan,

Why do people say ‘I am basically from…’ whenever they introduce themselves? Whats the need for the word basically? For instance many people say ‘I am basically from chennai’. Why don’t they say ‘I am from Chennai’? Then should a married person say ‘I am basically single, but now married’?

After Devayani moved to Kalaignar TV, Abi from Kolangal is in coma. Now if Devayani switches to Jaya TV, will she be killed? Is this how mega serials end?

Is there anyone who enjoys watching deepavali special programs with so many advertisement interruptions? Especially with great advertisements like MDV Perungayam err kootu perungayam?

The cracker noise this year has drastically reduced. Is it because of the exorbirant prices of fire crackers? And some people still buy a bit saying ‘saasthrathukaaga konjam’. Endha saasthrathula, kaasai kariyaakanum nu ezhudhi irukku?

BTW, here is some insider information for you. Do you know Kalaignar TV employees work only in night? Yes. Because day time la Sun irukkume (Sun will be there by day) 😀

Did you know that Fever 104 FM, Bangalore is giving away free tickets(flight+concert) for the ARR concert in Delhi, if you participate in their SMS poll? One person I know has won the ticket. Give it a try. And if you are coming to delhi, let me know. I will be there 😀

Ferrari Boochandi
Prabhu Ferrari Boochandi

23 thoughts on “New series- Launch

  1. hahahahahha… ROTFL… hmmmmm…. my dear boodham nnu ninaichen…

    ungha naale mattum eppadi prabhu ippadi ellam yosikka mudiyuthu?

  2. innum oru kaelvi…

    AR Rahman eid kku unghale invite panninangha thana… neengha avanghale deepavali kku ungha veetukku invite pannininghala?

  3. Quote:
    “Is this how mega serials end?”
    Men will be really happy if serials end… never mind how it ends 🙂

    kootu perungayatha vidunga… sila pala new ads padu kevalama irukku…especially 3 roses and reliance. and btw, innum evlo varushathukku thaan leo coffee starring arvindswamy and the “vellikizhamai, mangalam ponga” meera seeyakkai thooL ad-a poduvaangaLo?? 🙂

  4. “Why do people say ‘I am basically from…’ ”

    well, if you were born n brought up in chennai and are working in bangalore…and decided to go to delhi for a concert and someone there asks u, “where are u from?”, just saying “I’m from bangalore” doesn’t give much insight to your ‘imperial’ history right? so you’d say “I’m basically from chennai, working in bangalore” … that’s where the word ‘basically’ has a need.

    As for your 2nd example, I suppose you are the only idiot who’d say ‘I am basically single, but now married’

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  6. Nice post…

    I guess people who are keen to travel on two boats at the same time use ‘basically’….. like when a person says ‘I am basically single, but now married’, he/she means to say that ‘I am married but ready to mingle’…..likewise…..

  7. Good to see this post Prabhu…

    As for the “basically”, I agree with Roopa and as for her second comment “Would you really say that.??!! 🙂 ”

    The one on Kalaignar TV is too good..when I read first I thought it was some info which u r trying to share with us….

  8. Tas used to describe base of a person.
    All the tamil kudimangans and magals abroad say, I am basically from Tamil Nadu because they identify more with TN than USA.

    You are right about the diwali program ads. Its somewhat like how mothers will stuff cerelac into the baby’s mouth whether it wants it or not. The same ads run back to back. Mind numbing ads repeated every 5 mins. I thank the engineers for the mute button and talk to fellow tv watchers until the agony is over and the program starts.

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