18 thoughts on “Kimi wins the championship

  1. Yep, its party time and just like what I wished for ! Great team work by Maasa and Kimi. Maasa’s move to block hamilton on the first turn at the start of the race is the best move by the team this season.

  2. brit losers!
    Modhalla, these guys should have been disqualified for suttufying Ferrari design. Ivanungala competition-la irukka vuttadhe thappu. Idhula ippo Anyayam akkiramamnu azhichattiyam pandranunga.
    Trust these countrymen to cooly ignore their own thagiduthathams and cry foul on others. Idhula “Authorities favour Ferrari”-u andapulugu vera (Andha zimbabwe thalaiyan Hill solraan )

  3. Actually ferrari was lucky that hamiltons vehicle went neutral when it should not have.
    Then he raced back from 20 to 7…
    he was certainly the should be champion at the start…

    suttufying ferrari design — ?? are we talking about the company or the driver ??

    Enjoy Ferrari fans, until next championship, because surely you can’t enjoy it again…

  4. JAts, company suttu enna vadai vithangala? Avanga create pannina car-la dhaane hamilton race pannaru? Appo, andha thirudina deisgn-lrundhu avarukku advantage-e kidaikkaliya?
    They should have thrown out the drivers as well so that in the future, drivers think twice about joining Mclaren, for their unethical practices.
    Being a Britiish Company, it is expected that they will profess ethics from their mouth and do thagidu thathams in the background – adhu ippadi velile theinjum people are supporting them-na enna solradhu

  5. Raj,
    As if McLarens do not have a car design..

    Wake up man, McLaren does not run on Ferrari design.

    Accept, that it is LUCK that ferrari has won this time….
    May be not.. (we will have to wait for the hearing..)

    Ethics – you must be really joking… until their bag of worms is opened every corproate company is ethical…..including Ferrari..

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  7. Seems its been a long time since you wrote on F1 2008 season… Would like to know your comments on the current season with Kubica currently leading the WDC race and the ever dramatic canadian GP !!

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