83 thoughts on “Simbhu – Prithviraj Drama

  1. They are just trying to imitate the dramas happening in Hindi channels for similar programs. On all the stage programs, the participants will cry & the judges will act rude/stupid. May be even they copied it from American idol!

  2. totally.. i couldnt stop rolling on the floor laughing.. look at the questions silambarasan asks “appreciate panna why nu kekka mattingala? thappu sonna dhan yen nu keppingala?”

    -> will anybody look for reasons behind a success or will they be celebrating the success itself? idha kooda puriyadha da vennai! judge panna kalambi vandhutanama.. its pathetic, what these supposed reality shows have come to.

  3. Vijay TV is trying to mimic ” Dancing with Stars” from ABC .God!, they alos copied the startegy , the same persons will be coiming in all programs…sometimes they will drink “cofee with Anu” and sometimes they will shake their legs in ” Jodi No1″ ( example : uma riayaz khan)

    btw..Prabhu what happened to (U)Machi TV programs ..

  4. the entire episode was such ROTFL! thaanga mudiyala.. cheap publicity.. exactly, wats there to cry? at one point, every single person in the room was crying.. aandava!

  5. while switching channels, this program got my attention..
    spent few mins to see waht they are upto.

    both are big Morons!!
    dont they have any better thing to do??

  6. cha… i think im the only one who appreciates this wonder…
    at a time when sun tv is busy showering repeats and when vijay tv has no more prashanth tour of malaysia footages to play, this came as the best of a wholesome comedy entertainer…

    kudos to vijay tv. if only they wld stop dubbing comedy english dramas into moronic tamil ones….

  7. i think simbhu was acting too smart.. like he wont tell why prithvi didnt dance well.. it appeared like a neat plot to pull down prithvi. sad that my fav jodi is not part of the competition anymore because of silly simbhu.

  8. Are you kidding me?? I ‘ve been out of the loop for years and never knew what is happening on the entertainment side of Tamil television..thanks for sharing this “reality bite”. Now, I knew all well what kinda “quality programming” is available for our people..Isn’t it sad to see an entire generation of TN, self-destruct and feels bloody proud of something so lame and pathetic ..

    Can’t tell you how much it hurts to see the comment from Chitra “sad that my fav jodi is not part of the competition anymore because of silly simbhu.” How lame could these people should be to waste their time consuming such useless, pathetic, zero-IQ material and even feel sad for something of this kind..

  9. Wizard, if you have not been following tamil television for years i think its better to keep your bloody comments to yourself and not bother about others comments..

    Television is for entertainment .. For that matter even watching cricket match or a football match doesnt seem to improve your IQ or a movie, is that lame according to you? Then boy i tell you, you dont have life.. its high time you start living life.. enjoying things around and realise others have their own likes and dislikes..

  10. chitra u r funny. i was shocked when i saw ur first comment. now after seeing ur reply to Wizard, i just feel sorry for you. Maybe u r interested in just cheap dance shows. Maybe you are among the few dumb viewers who beleive such stupid acts. Or you might even be part of an aspiring Jodi. But how dare you come here and show ur sympathy. This is a thread started to make fun of such comedy shows, ma’am..havent u realised it yet?

  11. hi
    i think simbu is right . prithvi over act even he got selected in the previous round . so he was screwed . more over best man wins


    sam sundar

    • very true.i completel agree wit simbu.Not bcoz that he is a famous actor or anything.prithvi has got attitude.just look at the way how he stands when the judges are sayingcomments.What simbu said is right.if gud comments are told then he has no probs.otherwise….yes i agree that one wil be upset to hear that but this is not the way to deal with it.but simbu shouldnt have cried.

  12. Deepak, i hope you realise that people can not comment without watching the show, the very fact that we have a blog here about this incident just shows there are people who are watching the show.. and to top this, you have managed to read through the comments regd the “dump show” and give your comments.. the blog was about the drama and not about the dance show itself.. did you realise that?

  13. If you think this is the comedy, what would you say about ‘Thiruvalar thirumathi’? I recommend that serial to have a great fun. More fun than Kalakka povathy yaru. Prabhu, why don’t you start a new chapter on this? We watch this as a ‘comedy’ show. People never danced in life, dance there. Couples change their sex in dress and make a mock fight. I surprise how come this serial is continuing so far. Maybe people just watch it as a comedy serial like we do. Also surprising that Jayashree doen’t have a better job at U.S. She comes from there for hosting this serial. Great fun..

  14. Regarding Jodi No.1, this is a planned drama between the channel, simbu and Prithvi, i guess. Now see, all of the three gained popularity. Like you and me scribbling abt it here so many thousands of people will do so,rumours are passed and people who have not watched before also will watch it more sincerely from now on to find out what happens next.

    And this guy Simbu acted too much but said ‘enaku nadikave theriyadhu’.

    They called Sneha as a special guest last week for this dance show; where she has not actually danced in any movie.

  15. After Satyaraj in “Nadigan” ,only Simbu had the guts to play negative roles in “Manmadhan” and “Vallavan”. Pavampa Simbu!

    This “ThiruvaLar Thirumathi” is an outrageous,obnoxious assault on humanity in general and civilization in particular.

  16. prithiviraj oru 40 vayasu monkey …. uma 50 vaysau manisha kurangi rendu sernthu stage la aatam potta evanda parpan..athan da superstar supera avangala velia anupitaru….uma prithiviraj aadratha pakrathuku podhigai la vayalum valvume paravailla../…simbu has done a gr8 job…indha vayau ku mela athuka rendu aadi mela porathuku beeter avnaga show va vitu vilagi rest edukalam….thalaivaruke neria velai iruku atha thalli vechutu vannthu ithukliaya parthtu iruparu…ngoiyala….hate prithviraj

    manipu kel manipu kel….simbu vidam manipu kel
    next day programme la simbu veetu munnala enga padai nindru prithiviya ethirthatha partheengala…mavane pooram tharisu ayduveenga


  18. Simbu according to me is not a good actor, whether it be on the screen or in real life (Vijay TV). If that was a case of drama that he wished to create to gain publicity thru Vijay TV, still then he didnot perform well. He tries to imitate from Simon, one of the judges from American Idol as well as Sonu Nigan, one of the judges from Indian Idol. Simbu said that he is different from others, which is completely a false statement. The fact is that he tries or chooses to be different. He even cant act/perform well as a judge. Simbu repeatedly said that he didnot like Prithvi’s performance. Why has he got to utter the same statement over and over. Anybody would be defended. There are ways where the judgement could be done in a diplomatic manner. Simbu walked off and came back. He is supposed to be eliminated without a second thought. Rule is a Rule! Prithvi, on the other hand should have not mentioned about footage. Simbu was not being a judge, he seemed to be a ruler on that show. The act is conducted only after Simbu gives permission for Prithvi to talk. Overall, Simbu’s intention was to put a face that he has a different mentality in choosing things, and thats how he chose to prove by knocking down Prithvi. Well, maybe this is a way to gain publicity for some folks who were involved in that show.
    Anyways, it was interesting to watch until the end.

  19. cnemadura, r u really a simbu fan? if thats true, u hold a record man!!! u r the only simbu fan on planet earth! got to meet u at least once before ur species becomes extinct.

  20. mutta pasanga program adha evlo muttal parkudhunga adha parthutu evlo muttal pasanga comment adikuranunga..(idhila classificationla naan varla)

    potti vidhimuraipadi judge velia pona serthupangalam potiyalar velia pona oredia poidanumam..enangada kadhaya iruke

  21. Why make it so complicated. Wasnt it Simbu who forced Priti to make a comment. Give a break, poor pritiv. Simbu over reacted. ITs just so obvious. Theres nothing else than that. ITs A FACT!!! why is it so difficult for all to see. Blinded by the fact that he is an actor issit. He didnt have to talk anythin abt himself so much… wat a looser. . no wonder he alwasys gets into problems with everyone everytime… He should be thought about the real world … If he was not an actor, he would not have been able to get away with his so called frank comments.
    His supporters say Pritiv cant take a comment? why cant he take a comment tooo…. ?

    He asked for that comment out of Pritivi’s mouth. Certainly he could see wat was gonna be comin from him. And then had act like he got hurt … for such a small comment.

    If i am showing sympathy or not… Many I know form Singapore show their support for Pritiv. Dont get disheartened. Even his partner could not understand him. If this happened to her… will she still be standing there and be prepared to be further humiliated.

    The channel only invites Simbu back… as producers shouldnt they also talk to Pritiv. Shouldnt they show pritivi’s side. IS this to put Pritiv down?It should be fair and square.

    ppl talk too much about being simbu’s fans and all. Probably if he commits a murder all these fans will support it and condem the police for arresting him.

    IDIOTS!!!!!!!!! BLIND IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!

  22. Simbu judgement shows that he is still a school boy. He is not clear himself,
    And Prithivi thinks he is the great dancer in this world, where no one can comment, only he can make comments on others. Next time don’t bring any actors for the jury position.

  23. This program’s telecast time coincides with Nach Blaiye in Star Plus…whenever I switch back to Vijay TV, my wife complaints that Simbu only is talking all the time.

  24. Wondering how much Vijay TV paid Simbhu to create the drama….

    simple rule of any competition!

    1 – judges should be experienced, calm, clear and control particitpants
    2. – Judges NEVER walk out of a competition – so, what SImbhu did was rude,and stupid and not worth to be a judge
    3 – Pritivi – a participant can always walk away if he does not want to compete – what he did was right
    4 – “I don’t like” can not be used for judging a competetion! I don’t know if that is valid in India – but not any where on earth. There must be proper measurement – such as steps, body control, style, dressing. I think Pritivi was not great in all areas but he was fairly good
    5 – Pritivi did not ask until Simbhu requested him to speak. and asking why/what was wrong to know where made mistakes was perfectly alright!. Simbhu created the drama

    6 – personal judgment – this is a personal attack on Pritivi.

  25. Ahhhh ! Stupid can you all be ,

    Simbu does have to claim his fame from Jodi No :1 , He is only 24 yrs old , Having that in mind , that Boy have achieved lot more than anyone in that industry . Its quite easy for us to sit in other end and comment . And I guess Vijay TV doesnt really need this aswell . I only get chance to watch Vijay TV online .and I feel its a best channel in chennai compared all other rubbish . The connection between the Media and the public is simply awesome .

    Pirthivi should have act his age !!!!! That would have made it better .


  26. Ivulo cheapa oru hero nadanthu kitathu ithuthan muthal murainnu nenakiren. Entha oru reasonum illama enaku pidikalandrathu dancea kuripatha enaku theriyala, etho personala prithviya enaku pidikalandrathaan kurikuthu. Simbu pannatha nenacha enaku siriputhan varuthunnu neraya per solli irukanga but enaku kovamthan varuthu, athu eppadi mathaa rendu judgesukum pidichathu simbuvuku eppadi pidikama pochi. Appadiye avaruku pidikaama poyi irunthaal atharku kaaranam solli irukanum e.g. neenga lyricsa vituteenga, steps repeateda irunthichi itha mathiri. Simbu dancea paka matendrar aalathaan parkirarndrathu cleara theriyuthu. Oru weekly magazinela prithviye petti koduthu irunthaar, kandipa final judgement Tinkuku favoura irukumnum, apuram Venkat Simbuvoda classematenum solli irunthaar, athaemathiri Tinku sirantha danceraagavum Venkat elimination aagalannum Simbu arivichaar. Innum solla pona Simbu dance aadumbothu analyse pandrathae illai, matha judges enna solraangalo athuku opposite aave ivarudaya judgement irukum. Antha nerathula avaruku enna thondratho athaye theerpa sollidraar. Muthalil Simbuvuku stage discipline solli kodukanum. Thannai vida senior artistukita eppadi nadanthukanumnu theriyala. Prithvi patiencea romba manage pannaar, enaku therinji antha stagela avaruku supporta orutharu kooda pesala, ellorumae prithviya oru ethiriyavae paathaanga, Prithvi edathula vera yaaraavathu irunthul eppayo veliya poyi irupaanga. Appuram neraya judgement appo matha judgesa pesavae vidrathu illa Simbu, thaan mattumae judgement sollanumnnu nenakiraar, Better enaku therinji antha showla matha rendu judgesum veetuku pogalaamnu naan solluven. Competition mudinjathum participantsa stagelayae nika vachi neenga nalla perform panneengala illa mathavanga nalla perform pannangalannu kekarathuku ivar ethuku judgea utkaarnthu irukaarnu puriyala.

    Kadaisiya Venkatoda opinion ennavo kaasu koduthu pesa vacha maathiri irunthichi, judgekum participantukum idayila thevai illatha clippinga ulla nozhaichitaar. Athuvae Prithviya extreme stageuku kondu poyi avara veli nadapu seyya vachathu. Innum Simbu enna enna alumbu pandraarnu porumaya parpom.

  27. I am from Malaysia. my friend send that cheapest drama coverage to me. really itz very worst. I knew Master.Sundaram, he is best choreographer and have wide experience. He know different types of dance as well. he must be the chief judge. what was wrong there ?

    Who is simbu ? I never seen any good dance movement in any movies so for. ( eg : pottu thakku…)…see the last line (manmadha rasa)…even that song never meet the hit like “Dhanush manmadha rasa”.

    any way see the failure of simbu…

    1. Love Failure with rajini daughter Ishwarya.
    2. Tennis Player sania mirza kicked him to get out,(simbu tried to meet her).
    3. Nayanthara, vanished becos of his dirty minded pictures in online.

    my humble request is

    dear simbu, come to stage…try to dance. ask the judges to put score. really u wont come next day. ( thanx simbu, that u confessed, u dont know to act)

  28. Vazhga vazhamudan,

    Nethu vijay TV parthaen. dai Simbu (Sombu). Konjam adanguda..Jayam Ravi, yedhukuda vandhar ? Avarayum paesa vidalamla…? Sombu…indha pattai kellu…Aadadha aatam ellam, pottavanga manukullae…kadhai theriyuma !!!!!
    Rajini Sir, Balachandar, A.V.M.Saravanan, innum neraiya…ivungalai parthu mudhal Pannivai kathukol. apuram ellam kathukalam…
    Appan madhuri mudi vazharkadhe…, allready karadi kuttinu orru paer unnakku irrukudhu…
    ( past history, 5 yrs back thanni adikum bodhu, dev friend kitta polairnu adivanginiyae, ghabagam irrukudha ?) so, adhellam ninaichi parthu, adangu…
    pavam da prithiv. unnai maduri chance avaruku kidaithal, avar singam da.

    sombu, small censex

    I asked my parents, my family members, many old peoples, youngsters, my girl friends, my friends every body. really they dont like you and your acting. plz if you dont believe ask help to some private detectives. itz true. many people like vadivel, rajini, vivek, namitha, kamal for acting , G.Mani & senthil, even charlie but not you is the fact.
    you got very good chance in your career, try to utilize it.

  29. Vijay TV “was” good…

    One thing I can see thru’out the blog…
    Gals supports Simbu a.k.a Sombu!!!
    Wake Up Gals!!!

    I support Prithviraj a.ka. Babloo…
    We saw his performances and we know his ability!

    Last But Not Least…
    Vijay TV… Plz rollout Divyadarshini!!!

  30. i think i like to flurt with girls and if u have a problem with dat i cant do anything so u sud shut da fuck up because it is ma lyfe. got it

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  32. yes, I am sombu. see, ennaku padipuu arivu illai. edho kadaicha gapela cycle ootraen. adhan business ethics, purinjikingo….

    elarkum onnu solikuraen, ennaku ippo vayasu 26, 14 vayasulayae ennai kaai adichivitutanga…nan enna seivaen ? sollunga paa….sollunga……

  33. Right now I am in Canada. I saw the program on CD.
    I can say the whole responsible for the problem in Jodi no 2 show is SIMBU.
    He just said that he didn’t like his dance without reason or which part?
    Then he forced Prithiviraj to talk. Eventhough prithiviraj said that “no problem My darling Irfan and Monisha did well” Simbu forced him to say something.
    after Prithivi asked him Why you didn’t like my dance?
    He asked another stupid question Why you didn’t ask that before?
    Then he asked why didn’t asked the question on the comedy round when I appreciate you? Ofcourse nobody is going to ask quesion why you appreciate me? Only when they get bad comment they will ask?

    After that he start talking all this nonsense. I don’t know to act, My dad teach me to act only i front of camera!! Even lot of reporters think that i am proud. allmost self praising…

    Everything would have gone normal If simbu didn’t walk off from the show. What makes him to walk off from the show? He is worst than anybody. Notmatured. Nothing happen to walk out.
    Then he came back and cried. another immatured. May be acting.

    He got lot of sympathy from all over the world. and he spoiled Prithiviraj’s carrier that now everybody(Public with no sense and just seen the simbu crying) hates prithiviraj.

    Vijay Tv had done worst job by making this problem as a tamilnadu issue by showing all the good moments of simbu/Interview from public(Only the comment from people who supports simbu), trying to embarace prithiviraj as much they can.

    Stupid Uncle of Simbu(Sithappa/ TR’s brother). When he talk he talks like a DON(Gangseter). Telling that lot of his people came to him and asked him that what you want us to do? we won’t let this go .like this? We can do whatver you want. And simbu don’t want them to do anything???

    What’s going on? What prithiviraj did get this much worst?
    Just asked him why you didn’t like my dance. Give me the part or the explanation?

    Guys I love Jodi no 1 before. Afterthis I loose some interest on this program.


  34. Guys this can only happen in India. A 35 year old standing in front of a stupid dumb 24 year old judge, who has no idea what he is doing. First of all any contestant has the right to be mad about their results, it happens everywhere in the earth, it can by anything like cricket, soccer, dance completion. If you watch the whole program with natural mind everyone one will say that its simbu’s fault. First the way simbu commented on Prithiv is like slapping on face, I didn’t like. So How come both of the other two judges like it, he has to give a clear explanation there. Then he called prithiv and pushed him to talk about it, that was bullshit, when he asked for explanation he was trying to play a lawyer character, and then Look at the bitches like Uma Riyaz, Vesai DivjaDharshini, both were supporting the idiot Simbu. Don’t they have to go with Natural, faire way. I was mad with everyone on that show. Then those other participants was going after simbu, what kind of buttering is that. I don’t know what kind of person Prithiv is, but he was un fairly treated and then he rightly walked out for that no one even cared about it becaseu he doesn’t have the power and fame like this stupid simbu has. If I were Prithiv, I would have beat the hell out of Simbu and atleast proved don’t play this stupid shits with everyone else because you fucker has a fam and power. I still wish if some gang in india can beat the hell out if simbu soon.

    • fuck of prithivi raj the worst and the idoit and the most waste of malayalam film industry. kiss u r ass prithivi raj. fuck ur ass hole

  35. simbu…cut all dat crap!!! u look like a dope…act like a dope …n behave like a dope! just becos dat daft nayanthara fell for u..dont think ur some ulaha alahan….nayanthara used to have a habit of ugly bf’s when she wasnt popular….but a beast like u was a bit 2 much tho…..enna nagarjuna ve inhum konjam kuduka sollalama?

    on kadhai ella theriyum da karadi kutti!

  36. Simbu is creating good drama. Leaving the stage and coming back. ROFL.
    1) Judges are supposed to point out a mistake, instead of saying “Enakku pudikkala”
    2) A participant has the right to ask where he went wrong.
    3) That lady host did a good jalra. Amt vaangiruppaalo?

  37. If this is not a drama… Vijay tv could have edited the scenic scripts from Simbhu and Prithvi as the program is not a live one… When people try to gain publicity they should do it more intelligently… If simbhu created this drama in a live show may be he would have gained atleast 2 fans…

  38. After watching the immatured and absolutely unethical behaviour of the brat CHIMPU, one can only deduce his fault – UPBRINGING. A fat mouth, loud character, head strong comments, disrespectful blabbering, narrow mindedness, and to sum it all up, crocodile tears. He has even made his mentor / creator TR look acceptable.

    All that is left to say is, how long more do we tolerate his likes … his movies, self proclaimed titles, egotistical dialogues and trance dance moves.

    Humility is the check and balance of all success – which is sadly lacking in the Little Super Dud. The only honourable thing to do, will be to convey his apologies and heartfelt well wishes to Prithvi.

  39. you Indian people are simply crazy.
    obsessed with your movie stars and your cricket.
    it’s funny how India has such a big water problem, yet they use so much water when creating rain scenes in the movies.

  40. pollaippae illama indha simbhu madhiri pesadhinga…munnadi sonna madhiri edhavadhu message sollunga…plz..internet a konjam nalla vishyathukkum use pannuvome!!!!!!!!

  41. I was waiting for these kind of posts to express my comments.

    First of all, I don’t understand on what capacity Simbhu and Sangeetha are judges for this kind of dance competition that too along with such a great dance master.

    Simbu said he does not know to act after the pack of shooting or whatsoever. I guess the other way is true. He can only act after the shooting is over that too with some over reactions. Very immatured for his age and position.

    Prithiviraj and Uma danced very well with lack of luck for dancing before such a crappy judge.

    The organizers should henceforth decide the panel of judges based on their line of skills and not just by one’s popularity.

  42. Has any of you thought that all of u r acting really very immature? really, it is like watching an argument b/w two schoolchildren!

  43. Dei sombu,

    Learn to respect co-workers. Give respect and take respect. Nobody is above or less than you. Try to correct yourself.

  44. Hey you all arrogant people.. Don’t keep on supporting prithiv who is not a normal human being.. He is a psyco.. According to me what simbu did is right… Don’t blame simbu… How is it possible to create a drama in a tv show? Are the audience a fool?

  45. Frankly commenting, Simbu over did it, he proved he is immatured by crying.

    Prithiviraj did right by walking out of the stage which any self respect person would opt to do.

    Organizers should select panel of judges bearing relevant skills and experience, this would have prevented such an incident as above.

  46. Dei Kumar sombu payale,

    simbu oru vethu vettu avanukku support vera nee panra. Ellam dram dhan and u r a fool as audience. Kandippa ellame drama.

  47. simbuvirku ellam therinja madhiri nadikkiran avan dance pakka sakikathu avan dancela ellam therinthavana avan oru pombala porukki.

  48. Simbu thought of dominating like what ever he thinks he can say, prithvi pumped him and he did not know how to react and started gaining attention but fake crying. divya darshini is a unsaid keep and she will always be ready to be simbu’s cocksucker as he pays her regularly…except sundaram master no one has the right to comment anything negative on one’s performance to this extent.. but cant understand why he is silent, maybe he is thinking (ayyo intha karadi kuutti (koodhi kutti) ya poi judge vechutaangale nu) inside that why they chose such a wrong judge.. simbu is a shit eater

  49. Dei torpedo, well said.. i tried my best but still that bastard insulted in front of the public.. i took great pains to come into the industry.. i even acted in double x malayalam movies like our vetri sir to gain recognition… i myself have sold my bf cassettes to dubai and malaysia to earn money… but this simbu bastard has come from his karadi kutti father’s influence and insulting me.. i danced i rocked it sizzled .. that divya darshini i want to just fuck her in her ass….she does not know what to say when i am feelign so bad and going to licking simbu very very bad

  50. Dei cnimadura,
    Prithvi ya poi ethirkanum na prithvi veetu vaasal la poi koochal podaama karadi kutti (Koodhi kutti) sombu veetu vaasal la padai ya kootringa.. appo thaan unaku sombu collection kodupaanaa…

    Yen thayiriyam iruntha prithwi veetu munnadi ninnu koochal pottu kaami… Neeyum enna pannuve nee oru eeththara pozhappu kettu poi intha maathiri manam kettu vaazhuntuttu irukke…

    Prithwi veetu naaye podhum ungala kadichu thorathu vatharku… ungalukku ellam manushan avasiyam illa..naaye jaasthi

  51. Yes, I am a Kooru kettai Koobey, Eetharai, what ever you may call me, i am a cnimadura and i need a enima to clear my bowels.. thank you.. simbu is going to do that job for me and he wore a gloves already for that, rubber gloves for digging..

  52. What ever you guys may say, I am happily enjoying my gay life with prithwi now.. we both are male lovers.. i will fuck him..he will fuck me.. ill cum on his chest and he will cum on my ass… ore majaa thaaan…..sometimes dhivadarshini will come to our clubhouse and suck both our dicks… she is awesmoe

  53. Last Night we had lots of fun, we were in our clubhouse sitting in that ultra stylish imported couch listening to some Paparoach through my High End Stereo, Simbhu was with me and we both were doing coke, we had a small glass where had to cut the lines for a swish snort. We enjoyed a lot, Being a Coke addict both of us, we are on the verge of loosing our erections and man we fear we may become impotent soon. after a heavy coke session, we tried desperately to cum for four hours and the ordeal ended with just a measly few drops on each other’s asses… ha ha we are flying high,,,

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