Sethusamudram project…

from the perspective of a marine engineer. Unfortunately, MK cannot ask if he is qualified to talk about this 🙂 I think its high time I come up with a link section in the blog for such short posts!

24 thoughts on “Sethusamudram project…

  1. The only way to stop MK now is to ask

    1. Seevalpuri Singaram
    2. Kadalangudi Saraswathy
    2.Kaazhiyur Narayanan

    to predict that

    சேது சமுத்திரம் திட்டம் நிறைவேறினால் கடக ராசிக்காரர்களுக்கு ஆபத்து!

  2. hiii prabhu
    one more temple visit, appur near thirukachur
    i got the information from your site then from “THE HINDU” also it’s a nice place ,steps are some what steeper than the usual .the surrrounding area is really nice, full of lakes and reserve forests
    thanks for the info

  3. I have one question here? This marine engineer is having 32 years of exp. Where the hell he has gone before starting the project.

    If he keeps quite for 10 to 15 years since the project inspection is started, why he wants to give a statement to the media now.

  4. I second Prabhu’s freind’s comment… Doesn’t India have enough experts to have predicted before if this would indeed work or is jus another crap?

    Not that am in any favour of th project!!!

  5. Very detailed report.
    I had a different perception it looks like Sethu project doest not help anybody.
    even then so many people involved in it..there are 5 different projects proposed with different teams involved over the years.
    Not sure what is true.

  6. Who said Sethu project does not help anybody? It has helped MK and his cronies to earn a commission of around Rs. 400 to 500 crores while awarding the dredging contract. Is MK a fool to allow Rama to stop the project & deprive him of his commission?

  7. Wish you a very very happy birthday Prabhu. Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead 🙂

    ThangaLadhu katshi paNiyum podhu sevayum pallaaNdu kaalam thodara veNdum endru vaazhtha vayadhillai vaNangugiren 🙂


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