7 thoughts on “Dasavatharam stills…

  1. Kamal movies are always top-notch & the edgy brilliance & unpredictability makes it always eminently watchable

    Sadly, as we are dumbing down further & further , the most ‘ludicrous’ gets the most favored views

    I didn’t say anything, did I ?

  2. “சும்மா” இல்ல, நிஜமாவே அதிருது “ஆமாம”!

  3. Aandavar will kick some real butt… there is no doubt in that.. what im more eager about is HR music… im sure he has learnt a thing or two from thalaivar….

  4. Hey hi…could u give me the words of nee paartha paarvaikoru nanri from hey raam…am not able to get the lyrics!!!one of my favourites…

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