F1 spying controversy

McLaren are stripped of their constructors points, and fined 100 million $. Drivers escape punishment. More details here.

Hope it gets over soon and people get on with racing. Its been a wonderful season, and this controversy is spoiling the fun. Meanwhile as expected British media are all out to make Ferrari the villain once again. He he. Poor McLaren. He must be cursing from up above after reading this article.

The case against Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One team, McLaren Mercedes, over allegations that they have cheated this season by using secret technical information stolen from Ferrari consists of a large body of new evidence running to 166 pages in length, The Times has learnt.

Tch tch. Does it mean that if not for Lewis, no one knew of McLaren mercedes?

“The dossier of new evidence collected by the FIA is thought to centre not just on e-mail traffic between the McLaren test driver, Pedro De La Rosa, and Hamilton’s teammate, Fernando Alonso, but also on ….”

Oh! Lewis Hamilton’s team mate is Fernando Alonso? Is he new to F1? Is he any good?
It looks like ‘The Hindu’ reporting about a communist event 😉 Biased to the core!

12 thoughts on “F1 spying controversy

  1. hahahah…hemmm…then you could not have read what the italian and spanish papers wrote about mclaren do you…coz we dont understand italian and spanish…

    aside from that, on a neutral…what do you honestly reckon would the punishment be? I’m thinking more of a big fine for this season and an expulsion for the next. Ofcourse if expulsion happens, mercedes will just start a new team with the same car and race next year with the same ron dennis and the same lewis hamilton.

    Quick…we have but a few hours before the verdict comes out…start the guessing game bro.

  2. well said…ceh yenna oru soga kathai. I was hoping to see the new tracks in Singapore, Russia and even maybe India bring our the excitement…but now they’re so wanting to go to hearing and court and throw out the second most successful team. I wonder what Vodafone is thinking right now. They dumped ManU and Ferrari…and now facing massive uncertainty. Whats worst is that Max Mosley is a big ass, atleast Bernie was more diplomatic. And that Flavio , dont know what gotten into him. Maybe his job is in the line also. sigh…

  3. Prabhu: There is one more issue here – Alonso’s friction with the team. It seems almost certain that Alonso would not race for McLaren next year. And the friction becomes even more apparently because Alonso will not be in Paris for the hearing (Hamilton and Delarosa are going to be around).

  4. hi Anantha, if I may butt in.
    If the team is sanctioned and the racers knew about the materials beforehand, then they are culpable too. In this case only Hamilton said he doesnt know anything. But the request that FIA sent to the drivers said they will be protected if they cooperate.
    Probably McLaren thought its better for Alonso to focus on the Spa race and finish his season here and move out. Probably he wont move out considering there is no competitive team to take him in except maybe Ferrari. Hamilton is there as a personal backup for Ron. Like Prabhu said, hes valuable for F1. He sells ticket. And today hes the last ditch effort for Ron.

  5. Jordan also belives the FIA was desperate not to interfere with the drivers’ championship and that was why Alsono and Hamilton were not punished.

    He added: “The FIA came out and said if there was a full disclosure by the drivers of all the email traffic and any type of information flow between drivers and engineers then they would be immune.

    “I thought that was a good way of doing things from the FIA’s side. The people at large, particularly the tabloids, will absolutely kill the FIA if they interfere with the potential prospect of having the rookie of the year (Hamilton) not get the championship.

    “I think the FIA were very clever in making sure this wasn’t a conflict.”

  6. Ferrari boss Jean Todt has been quoted as saying in the Italian press that he wanted a stronger punishment.

    “Perhaps I would have preferred more. The evidence was clear,” said Todt.

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