Well done Team India…

…for winning the Asia Cup. Mind and body, heart and soul. Ooh aa India. Men in blue win. Yay!!!! Did anyone from chennai watch this match? Should have been worth it! Wonderful performance to beat Korea 7-2. Way to go guys! The rediff comment section for this news item is going to be fun 😀

Oops. They have already started. With comments like ‘Shah rukh should be on the podium’ :O Ada paavingaLa!

4 thoughts on “Well done Team India…

  1. I was really upset that I cud not watch the match (being here in chennai).When I reached the stadium I was really surprised to see so much ppl just standing outside to get beaten by the police. The reasons were that the entry was free and being a holiday the stadium was jam packed. umm… I am happpy that I watched the semi final Ind vs japan atleast and stadium full again (eventhough there was a cricket match).

    Ppl in Blr.. I pity u… 🙁

    Nice to see India Winning… 🙂

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