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I found some interesting posters in Thuglak magazine. That reminded me to ask some questions to the DMK supporters


1. According to Hindu Mythology, Hanuman worshipped Ram and Sita in his heart. Now, if Anna is going to display MK in his heart does it mean that DMK accepts Ramayana? Or if Ramayana is fiction according to them, then does it mean Anna’s feelings for MK are also unreal? And isn’t heart towards the left? Does it mean MK is not in the heart and is actually blocking the windpipe of Anna?

2. If Kalaignar TV is Kalaignar thaatha TV, then will Sun TV be Maaran peran TV? Will Kalaignar TV also have child centric educational mega serials like Sun TV? Like how to have incestual relationships as depicted by Abi’s relatives? Or how to disrespect elders, break laws, commit murders etc?

3. If Sethu Samudram is just calcium deposits then what are Anna Square, MGR, Periyar memorial etc? Are they flesh and bone deposits, rather dumpings? Can we demolish/destroy them too? We will have enough space for the new airport there. We can name each terminal after some leaders and make them feel proud no?

Image courtesy: Thuglak.

10 thoughts on “Some posters

  1. prabhu,
    all kelvi superb punch.
    that last kelvi..nachu. romba correct.
    b/w i dont like the way u termed that as mytho. british people have termed it. pls use some other term man (myth is not equivalent to puranam)

  2. you missed out the obvious…

    ‘marathil oru kani iruntatu…athu yaar madiyil vizhumo ena ninaikkaiyil en madiyile vizhunthathu! athai eduthu ithaiyathil vaithukonden…antha ithaya kanithaan MGR’

    -anna-vin varigal ‘ithayakani’ thiraipada thuvakkathil varum…!

    hmmm……kaalam maari pochu…kaatchi maari pochu…!

    btw, how many knew that Kalignar TV postponed not bcoz of Anna’s Bday but for Ganesh Chaturthi…auspicious day to start any mega event?!!!

    manjal thundu…mangala thundu aiyaa!!

  3. hi buddy

    ur questions sounds funny, but theres no logic except expressing ur dislikes twrds DMK

    Though the picture is a copy, u cant compare the pic with d same context. Its a metaphor meaning that MK is the heart of ANNA n not a simile.

    there are hundreds of such deposits connecting india n lanka, but only one is more visible, do u mean rama&co built those too

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