Transliteration tool

I have been using this for quite sometime to type in Tamil 🙂 தமிழ் இல்லா கூகிள் ஒழிக 😛

15 thoughts on “Transliteration tool

  1. I don t understand “தமிழ் இல்லா கூகிள் ஒழிக”.

    I have been using Adhawin since 1997-98 and IMHO Srinivasan’s efforts are now a part of Tamil folklore.To me he is the Internet version of திரு.உ.வே.சா.

    BTW, I thoroughly enjoy your posts. You have reached monumental heights in trivia-packaging:) .All the best.

  2. வடக்கு வளர்கிறது, தெற்கு தேய்கிறது, கூகிள் குளிர்காய்கிறதா? ஆ…!

  3. Twitter status- Eye infection!

    So blog readers ushaar! infection pogara varaikkum konjam website la irundhu thalliye irunga!

  4. Vishamas,
    Google started a Indic transliteration tool without Tamil in it 😀 So my tamil blood boiled sir 😀

    Thanks for the addon and stuff 😀 I will try one by one 😉

  5. Hi, even i was using the jaffna library. nowadays i use
    “” u can switch to their double panel interface “”
    This is better than the jaffnalibrary tool 🙂

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