Yet another blast

Yet another appeal for calm
Yet another red alert across the country
Yet another strongly condemning statements(Well even the statements are’nt strong. Forget the action)
Yet another finger pointing at some terrorist group
Yet another media frenzy (Soon to be overtaken by Sanju baba’s return to jail and Salman’s activities at the jail)

Hmmm. Will things improve? Does someone care? It didn’t happen to you or me right? Why bother? ๐Ÿ™

15 thoughts on “Yet another blast

  1. :(( Ithu enga poi mudiyumo …It could have been one of us,sitting at Lumbini to enjoy the laser show.All that remains is still a little bit hope that this country will survive and lots of prayers for peace to prevail.

  2. it’s true no1 cares….till the things happen to themselves….but for a change….would caring change things? we are left with no option but sit mum or sometime make calls to know if our near and dera ones are alright…….

    nice post….i’d love to see more socially aware posts in your blog……………..

  3. Strong condemning words? did I miss it?

    The country is very big and even if we have the information that something is likely to happen, sometimes we don’t know when and where this is likely to happen ….. — Shivraj Patil [Home Minister]

    Set up a permanent relief fund for victims [read as : We cannot stop the acts of terrorists] — PM manamo gun sing


  4. Does Someone care?

    Of course everyone does! In the back our mind we always heave a sigh and empathize with family members of the dead and hurt! And thank god that we weren’t in the wrong place at the wrong time!!!

    As for sallu and sanju – I don’t care! They deserve it!

  5. I was in the ferry from Helsinki when I got the news. ๐Ÿ™ Would you believe that I would be porikifying in those areas almost every weekend when I was in Hyderabad? One of the nicest things about Hyderabad is the tolerance limits people have. A lot of cultural and religious combination. This is just so disturbing. ๐Ÿ™

  6. Will things improve? Does someone care? It didnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt happen to you or me right?

    No one cares. Instead of questioning the system ask yourself what you can do to change the system. It need not be a one man crusade, you can call like minded people in a blog and fight against it. You can even file a PIL against Gov for negligence.
    Now, What did your post serve?
    You could return that question to me but at least i don’t make hue and cry about it and do nothing.

  7. In reporting this sad event, the media also said ‘CM Reddy feels that the conspiracy was hatched in foreign countries (e.g. pakistan and bangladesh) and as such such events cannot be controlled !! — and it appears that there were some intelligence tips of some type of attack earlier — if the CM cannot control this himself, he should find out who can, and explore all steps to curtail these inhuman activities. I personally feel that this is local made and not foreign !!

  8. First of all, do you care?
    Please write post like this only if you care or if you can make a difference. Atleast none of the politicians care.
    No point proved!!!!!

  9. “The Prime Minister and President express their shock” – went one headline.

    What use is it that the PM and President have the ability to express shock ever so often? It’s sickening but true that every time such a mishap occurs, a Congress Government is in power.

    Sonia Gandhi Ki Jai. Bharath Mata ki jai jindabad.

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