Pudhupatti poNNuthayi

Pudhupatti poNNuthaayi – praaNdufy paayi

I somehow missed this masterpiece when it was released. The movie has Napoleon, Vijayakumar, Radhika, Manjula and some young kapple in the cast.

Vijayakumar and Napoleon are Thavil and Nadhaswaram vidhvaans. Radhika is Vijayakumars sister and Napoleons wife. Manjula is Vijayakumars wife . There is a pretty unique opening for a tamil movie. There is a duet featuring Vijayakumar and Napoleon. Err, only Vijayakumar and Napoleon dance while Manjula and Radhika stand by the side. Guess the choreographer rented a gym exercise video cassette instead of dance steps video cassette. As a result you find Vijayakumar and Napoleon doing exercise for a folk song composed using Mridangam Thavil and Nadhaswaram. Thankfully KTV beamed some commercials after this song, so that viewers can recover from the after effects of exercise dance.

As usual Napoleon has a younger brother and Vijayakumar a younger sister. But Vijayakumar’s sister brings a friend along for the temple festival. That girl, Saroja, is the heroine. She challenges the hero to climb the kazhumaram(or whatever that slippery thing is called) , and if he does she will give him her ring. The hero does it and takes the ring from her. Saroja suddenly faints after this. I was wondering if she fainted looking at hero climbing the tree, but it turns out that she has flowered..err..come of age(Vayasukku vandhutaa). And she keeps crying. When Vijayakumar consoles her saying it is natural for all girls, she says she is an orphan. Immediately Vijayakumar screams saying ‘Inimela nee dhaan ma en poNNu’ and looks at Raja(hero) and says ‘Dei nee dhaan da maapla. kattuda pandhala’. And a yellow watering festival(manjaL neeratu vizha) happens for Saroja.

Raja and Saroja fall in love. Suddenly Sarojas dad comes from jail and tells her that he is her dad. Now Radhika and Napoleon visit Saroja’s dad to girl ask for their brother (paiyanukku poNNu kaekkaraanga). But when Radhika sees Sarojas dad, both of them are shocked. Some flashback scene where Sarojas dad killed Radhikas mom or someone. That is all. I switched off the television.

What else would happen? This is my guess on the movie plot. Sarojas dad will stop her from getting married to Raja. Napoleon Radhika and Vijayakumar will try to serthufy(unite) them. In the middle some ego clash between Vijayakumar and Radhika. And someone should die in the climax, possibly vijayakumar. Hero heroine should get married, and first night room will be shown. Saroja will say ‘Ayyo chee avanga paakaraanga’. Raja will laugh and close the door. ‘The End’

Ada pongayya!

24 thoughts on “Pudhupatti poNNuthayi

  1. even me saw this kodumai…… saw some song seq wherein vijaykumar and napolean fight and end up singing a song! phewwwwwww thats it switched off the TV for the day!

  2. Has anyone seen the complete movie? How does it end? I feel there will be more thrilling twists than mentioned by you. 😉

    Anyways, it’s been a long time. How about a He She? 😉

  3. Gayathri naan paathen. no1 dies in the end every1’s pretty much alive to act in more horrible movies. climax la antha pasanga kalyanathula vijayakumar and radhika will play thavil and nadaswaram……enna koduma sir ithu

  4. Ellaarum Visalakshi kaaga oru ‘O’ podungaa. Great soul.


    Lol @ – praaNdufy paayi.

    From where did you get this word – “Flowered”? IS this a colloquial used in english (or) your innovation?

  5. I enjoy reading reviews for crap assed movies like that, itz fun to read how irritated and pissed off people are with movies liek that.haha.continue reviewning.

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