Gadambur Temple, Kailasagiri, Ambur

Last weekend, I went to some temples near North Arcot. I covered Ambur, Vellore, Tiruvalam, Melpadi on saturday and Padavedu on Sunday. Initially my plan was to cover Jalakanteshwarar temple, Margabandhu temple Virinjipuram, Tiruvalam and vaLLimalai. But the plans dynamically changed. I will cover them one by one.

Gadambur Temple, Ambur:
After some research, I heard about this place via google. The information was that there was a Sivan temple and a small pond on top a hill. Well, there was a temple and a small pond. But it was a Murugan temple. The place is called as Kailasagiri and once upon a time there was a Sivan temple.
The Mughal rulers demolished the temple and threw everything in the pond. Much later that is around 200 years back, this Murugan temple was built during the Britishers period. Right next to the temple, there is a small cave and some Muslim ruler was hiding here to escape from the British. Visit this place in early morning or late evening, as it might be pretty hot otherwise. Its quite good. It will take an additional 1 to 1.5 hours to go and come back.

Some details.
While coming from Bangalore, take a left turn(If you are coming from Chennai, then right turn) at Ambur – Pennathur road. There are 2 movie halls and 1 Reliance petrol pump on your left (That is before taking the left turn). Immediately after taking the left turn you will see a restaurant called as Hotel Amirtham. This place is good for breakfast and lunch. Toilets are clean too(Just that it is there in the second floor). After some 7 or 8 kms you will get to see a coconut shell kind of mountain towards your left and there will be a small arch ‘Subramanya Swamy Tirukovil’. Take left and keep driving for another 2 kms.
The last 1.5 kms is very bad. You would need to climb around 500 to 600 steps. You can climb in say 15 minutes without taking a break or 20 to 30 minutes depending on the no of breaks. Nothing is available on top. No. Not even water. So carry your own stuff. Right on the way, there is a village caled Thuthipattu. There is a Bindhu Madhava PerumaL temple which I didn’t visit. Maybe next time.
There is an old man who looks after this temple. Mr Ponnuswamy. He will be your tour guide there 🙂

24 thoughts on “Gadambur Temple, Kailasagiri, Ambur

  1. thank you for this information this is very helpful forme.resentntly i vent one small tribel village

    called naiken ery on the hills. there is one mini bus available from ambur.This hill is inthe east side of ambur railway station.there are so many villages on the hill .

  2. Nice place. Had a clear view of de place. A must to visit place. I am sure to visit it. Interested to know which muslim ruler was hiding there, can you give me de name.

  3. HI,

    This is my native place, in summers we used to climb the hill very often to take bath in the pond…….. its a nice place


  4. The hill on which the temple is located was owned by a muslim merchant family known as Kaka family. on request they permitted to build a temple on this hill. later on they left the hill for temple.

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  6. Hi! this is my native place it is very beatiful and calm place i wish to all travelling lovers must come and enjoy the places ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi!
    this our meeting sport we always sitting on the rocks and steps and talks about the world a to z movements,and updates. simply i want say use less speeches (arratai ,veeti kadhai)in tamil then ok when ever u sholuld come u will see me and our frinds ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we welcomes everyone ok bye
    arnold gangs

  8. This is my native..comin august there is one festival called AADi ,tat heavy crowd will be comin…..

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