Chunchi aka ChooChoo Falls

Last Saturday myself, RC and Maverick went out for dinner. RC was jumping like Janagaraj ‘En pondaati ooruku poitaa’. And he was very keen to go somewhere. As in a day trip. We quickly googled and short listed on this place called Chunchi falls. Since the monsoon had been pretty good this time, we thought a waterfall should be interesting. Maverick dropped out as he had to take care of his baby daughter 🙂

Sunday early morning we left for Chunchi. The place is some 80 kms or so from Bangalore.
Since I was driving the car, the drive was good 😛 After Kanakapura you take a diversion towards left for Mekedatu. Chunchi falls is on the same road. Actually this stretch of the road comes under ‘Pradhaan Mantri Grama Sadak Yojna’. Very bad roads. Guess they are as old as Chandragupta Maurya.

After some 25 kms or so after Kanakapura you will find a diversion for Arkavathy dam. We had read about this place too, and wanted to find how it was. It was isolated, and atmosphere was quite and calm.
There is nothing apart from a dam and river. Good place to relax for a while.
After visiting Arkavathy, we set out for Chunchi. The approach route is ok, and not that great. There are high chances of you missing Chunchi diversion, if you don’t pay much attention. Look for an arch and a sign board to your left. It is some 10 or 12 kms before Mekedatu. The 5 km drive from that arch to Chunchi is pretty good.
The last stretch needs to be done on foot. You would need to climb on some 300 or 400 rocks to reach the waterfalls. On the way you can look at the geological formation of rocks. They are of different colors altogether (Well, there is nothing else to look at).
After this, you will get to reach the so called waterfall. Hmmm. I am not joking. I drank more water than what was trickling down. Duh!They call this as a waterfall and this is how it looks at the peak monsoon time. Wonder how it will be during summer or winter? I guess they can rename the falls to ChooChoo falls instead of Chunchi falls.
For the effort you put in, this place is a huge disappointment. If you are bored to the core, maybe you would want to visit this place 😉 Better take a water tanker along for the waterfalls effect 😛 BTW, all the photos were taken by RC(using my Canon :D) without whom, I would have been really bored. Thank you RC 😉

Entire set is available, here!

17 thoughts on “Chunchi aka ChooChoo Falls

  1. //I guess they can rename the falls to ChooChoo falls instead of Chunchi falls//
    haha 🙂
    India-la website nambi poi parkka mudiyathu, etho oru season-la nalla irundhirukkum. atha vaichu build-up koduthirupaanga. correct-a information podave maatanga.

    i too faced similar dissapointment when i searched and went to Thally a.k.a Little england. pls read(

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  3. Hahahaa… Ferro, we had more fun listening to the songs during our drive than at the waterfalls. Esp the “nenthukitten” song from “Star”. Thanks for writing the trip-o-log… Neither would I try that road again. Makes me think Mekedatu is not worth the pains either. If I can claim, only the dam made it more worthwhile than otherwise, for whatever succour it can provide.

    And yeah! Thanks for allowing me to use the camera. I loved every moment of it. Hope people like the pics!

  4. I had visited this place during non-monsoon time. Just imagine the frustration. myself, my wife, my friend’s family (my friend, his wife and his sister). We will never forget it.

    Non tamil national award movie paakardhae paravaala.


    The best part is – the suspense you have (the excitement people have in each other’s face) when you have to do the trekking to reach that place and you finally see this tragedy.

    Better part is – none of the guys who are on their way back show any kind of expression on their face. Naa kaanjaa maadhiri ivungalum kaayaanum.

    Right now when I’m typing this I’m imagining the excitement you guys would have had when you guys were looking for info on Google. HEHEHEHEHE

  5. idhukke aluthukkara.. US la aaho ooho potruppan neraya falls pathi… poi paatha tumbler lendhu thanni eduthu oothindrikkum… idhukku vera bandhaava SUV la poi eranguvom..

  6. Hey Guys

    I have been to chunchi falls before and it does not look like the pictures at all its much more wonderful, lots of water too…. and for god’s sake its not choo choo falls, it was a bad luck thats all there is to say for such experience 🙁

  7. been to mekedatu and some places around, but the height of disappointmnet was whn i visited gaganchukki and barachukki falls. they where pathetic – the waterfall looked like a quarry – and we couldnt stand the heatwave…

  8. As Koms has mentioned, itz Prabhu’s bad luck…this falls is really dangerous & one of my colleague passed away due to the water current. Very isolated place & advice NOT TO VISIT this place.

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