Calling attention of Human Rights Activists

TADA court has sentenced the innocent people to death. And another reformed innocent peace loving actor to 6 years RI. Please protest against this harsh decision by the court. Please do something before our Prime Minister loses his sleep thinking about the family of people who are sentenced by the TADA court.

Please give lengthy lectures to that Sardesai fellow and other news channels on how Terrorism can be curtailed by pardoning the terrorists, and setting them free. Please buy candles by the dozen, and light it everywhere. Please protest in Jantar Mantar and cause nuisance to the public. Please ask Kerala Government to pass a resolution against the judge, and thereby show support for the sentenced.

Please ask Arundhati Roy to say something in this topic abusing the Indian Police and Judiciary. Please give jadoo ki jappi to all the sentenced, and help them. Please do something.

18 thoughts on “Calling attention of Human Rights Activists

  1. ah ah.. well said… i foresee this possibility too… thuki jailla pottu nasukanum at**a pasanagala… 200 uyira vangittu vayila veral supra pilla pola nadikardhu… panradhu Dadagiri, nadikardu Gandhigiri…. no mercy… and I hear ‘Bollywood is shocked’.. oh hell ya they will be… ellam criminal dhana… bayamvandhudichila…

  2. Bollywood expressing surprise is another matter. Your derisiveness is another matter.

    But if you remember watching cricket on TV in those days, you’d agree that it was a way of life in the 80s and 90s for Bollywood to hobnob with the gangsters in Sharjah and Dubai, much like our Tamil stars salaam pottufy to whoever sits at Fort St.George.

    And it is a way of life for Indians to get as much as possible for ourselves and our families by whatever means possible. It is wrong, but Sanjay Dutt was no by means the only one.

    So the real question is, was Sanjay Dutt made an example?
    If so, is making examples the right way to implement laws? Those are the questions that need to be answered.

    The knee jerk reaction in this case would be a loud resounding “YES”. But is that the right reaction? I don’t know.

  3. The Law is Right, at least in actor (and now prisoner) Sanjay Dutt’s nearly 13 years ongoing Trail in which he was found guilty under the under Arms Act for possessing an AK-56 rifle and a 9mm Chinese-made pistol, obtained from co-accused Abu Salem prior to the blasts.

    Finally today, The Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act court handed Dutt his prize punishment for the crime committed – rigorous imprisonment for six years for illegal possession of arms.

    Surely the actor, his family & close associates must be in a total baffled state of mind; I mean come on, this isn’t some Bollywood production, this is Hard-core reality and 6 years is a pretty long time.

    When I heard the news, frankly speaking I was shocked too – not because I didn’t expect him to be thrown behind bars but I was thinking of a more lenient term, 2 to 3 years max. But on reading Judge Pramod Dattaram Kode’s reasoning behind his decision, there’s no room left for arguments.

    Sanjay Dutt was present at a dinner party attended by fugitive gangster Dawood Ibrahim.
    Sanjay Dutt had committed a series of offences and that he was mature when he committed these offences.
    Dutt had made co-accused Yusuf Nalwala commit an offence as well.
    Plus when you think about the number people dead & those traumatized by the 1993 Bomb Blasts, 11 convicts handed with Death Penalties and others sentenced to Life Imprisonment – with just couple of years in prison (minus the 16 months off the 6 years), Dutt seems to have walked off very lightly.

    As for the rumored 50 crore riding on Sanjay Dutt’s back, well hardly any sympathies go to Bollywood since everybody knew of the actor’s court rounds and therefore those affected, should have been wise with the monetary decisions.

    The reaction from the actor’s lawyers comes as no surprise; they have announced their decision to appeal against the verdict in the Supreme Court. However in the mean time, Dutt would be re-living his Central Jail days.

    Though not a big fan of the actor, heart does go out to him and his family but on the whole it was a good day at the court for our judiciary system and I can’t help but applaud Judge Kode’s approach and his rulings.

  4. Ofcourse, Bollywood will be shocked. This will prove that Justice in India is not sleeping and any one try to slip under the gap will be treated accordingly.

    Getting a firearm itself is questionable and if somebody get it illlegally don’t they need to be punished?

    Its a lesson for all the people who think to destabilise the integrity of any country.

  5. I know we would have to agree to disagree in the end…

    What do u hav against human rights activists?? One cant make a sweeping generalisation like that…

    What if a spolit brat, confused teenager, under influence of dope and bad company had genuinely reformed and paid penance??

    Nobody is perfect. except that degrees of imperfections vary.
    Remember his parents were one of the first actors to go and entertain the soldiers in the border…

  6. reformed or not.I guess,one has to pay the price for one’s sins.So,thats what got Dutt where he is right now.
    Btw,neenga edhukku police station poneenga ? yaaruko advance bail edukkava ?? 😉

  7. culnanmaga,
    Bollywood is shocked. And some people felt decision was harsh!!!


    Sanjay Dutt was by no means the only one. Agree!

    Exactly.Judge Kode’s approach has been pretty good.


    Tsssshhhh 😛

    Agree to disagree 🙂

    Stop using swear words! You are making a fool of yourself 🙂

  8. This judgement will have an impact only on the induviduals and the family,ppl around them. I dont think it will controll any form of terrorism in the future.

    But still such verdicts give a feeling that the Judidcial system exists.

    Hats off to the judge.

    No wonder, if sooner or later Dutt writes an autobiography or a boook on his prison life and that becomes a motion picture.. 🙂


    What if they havent done it really…? This question always comes to my mind when such verdicts are given…

    Never got an answer for this…

  9. If you cant kill a don, its fine..but make sure you kill who pays him! there wont be any don later..Simple!!
    but catching a smelly rat and feeding it for 6yrs & all bullshit..instead of sitting in that chair and doing this work, its better you go and clean your office toilet! atleast that will remain clean !!

  10. Naanthanga,
    That question will always linger for every case. Cant help it. How many will accept they are guilty?

    Salman case busssssu

    Spoilt Kid,
    Eh?? Your comment is not clear. What exactly is it you are trying to say? 😉

  11. anantha, well put. Yosichu paartha, we will all be guilty-by-association because very few of us are principled enough that
    1) We will not give lanjam ever to get any of our work done
    2) If you have connection through your chithi’s brother-in-law’s maatt ponnu’s manni’s mami to get something that you are otherwise not entitled to, how many of us refuse to go that route.
    3) Ippadiyaga, familykkaga enna senjalum thappu illai is a well-heeled philosophy including Ferrari, I am sure.
    Suck-up-to the powerful is another category. Dont we all ever change our opinions about a ‘loser’ relative once he achieves success in life. Adhu varaikkum, we talk ill of him. Once he achieves, ore dadaladi bulti -avarai pola undanu. It is our nature to suck up to powerful people. Kolly wood sucks up to MK/JJ. Bollywood sucks upt o Dawood/Rajan.
    Unfortunately, D/R are certified criminals while….indha sentence-ai naan complete panna maattenpa – auto varum.

  12. velila jail-nu sonnalum, ulla enna sugamo.. endha class jail-o, A-Class??? appadi irundha, intha judgement valid-a?
    muzhusa judgement pathi theriyalai, but mostly he may get A-class jail with the support of politicians…. idha vida kodumaya punish pannanum.

  13. Ferrari,
    Thats the problem. We never come to know whether the judgement is correct or not.. Only the victims and their family will know better.

    We are all just spectators.. Nothing much can be done about it..

    Thats how i feel about it..

  14. All this talk about Sanjay Dutt being made an example? I wonder how…? So many people less well connected and less well off than him have gone to the jail without such media hue. So many people who have done smaller crimes have suffered harsher verdicts. So many people who have committed crimes on a justifiable(yes, its subjective) have gone to jail with harsher punishments. But just because the man acts in a few films, endears himself through imaginary characters in the last couple of years and now, he has become reformed?

    Assuming that everyone involved in his film projects were people aware of his criminal cases, what is there to complain? In light of so many cases that are bought and turned upside down, like the earlier Jessica Lal case, it is a relief to see some judges like the one who made the decision. I just hope, the number of high profilers who escape from the law is reduced.

    And people who protest against such verdicts because of their fake(read screen) image of the actor, need serious therapy.

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