21 thoughts on “BSNL Sports Quiz

  1. Shyam,
    I upgraded to WP 2.2.1. There is a small issue there. It is not allowing me to enable full feeds for posts with tag 🙁 Will figure out something.

    It used to be telecasted on Monday before right? I somehow missed it for quite some time.

  2. Ferrari,
    Yupp! Its been 2 years since the show was shifted to Saturday. Dr.Sumanth personally replies to all mails and the way he conducts the show makes one wonder if he ever breathes during those 50 minutes!

  3. ferro,
    Dr Sumant C Raman is a medical doctor and he is a sports enthusiast. I have been watching him in DD relating to sports from my early days. To give more information, he (also?) works with a leading software company as a consultant.

  4. Couldn’t agree more with Gads. He should be holding a guinness record for longest non-stop speech on media. That too at such a high pitch. And his response time is extremely low – almost like a machine.

  5. one of the best programs that i watched during the years…very informative and great anchoring…3 cheers to suman sir…

  6. Congrats to Dr. Sumanth C Raman, whose DD Sports Quiz has entered into Limca book of records for longest running weekend quiz program.

    The show is very interesting and informative and enjoyable as we are not showered with many ADs.

  7. To which e-mail id i can send my answers to this sports quiz. I got the all 3 answers for this week’s e-mail question. But to which id i have to send it? Also want Dr.Sumanth ‘s mail id..

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