Ronaldo kisses Bipasha

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News of FIFA football player of the year Cristiano Ronaldo kissing Bipasha Basu, during the seven wonders ceremony, has kicked off a controversy in India.

AIADMK Chief has condemned this incident. In a statement issued in Chennai, Ms Jayalalitha said ‘In Karunanidhi’s regime there is no safety for Bengali Women in Portugal. Karunanidhi should owe moral responsibility and resign. We have referred this to the third umpires association, and have invited them to join our third front’.

PMK chief Dr Ramdoss has expressed his displeasure over the incident and said ‘Kissing is against our culture. To highlight the disadvantage of kissing, PMK is starting a new movement called as ‘Chee echee’, and it will be flagged off by Dr Anbumani Ramdoss’.

Not everyone has objected to this issue. Sharad Pawar, Union Agricultural Minister and head of BCCI has said that this will improve the bilateral relationship between India and Portugal. Top BCCI officials will visit Lisbon, Portugal and help promote cricket in that country. And talks are on for some leading Portugal actress to kiss ex-ranji cricketer Diwakar Vasu, similar to Ronaldo kissing Bipasha Basu.

Meanwhile in an interesting development, Clinic Plus has jumped in support of Ms Basu. As you all are aware, Ms Basu is a brand ambassador for Clinic Plus. In a statement issued to the press, the company says ‘This is part of an advertisement campaign for clinic plus. Cristiano Ronaldo is closely observing the hair of Ms Basu to check if there are any split ends or dandruff. Since the pub where they met was pretty dark, Mr Ronaldo had to come that close to observe. We hereby request the media not to blow this issue out of proportion’.

CNN-IBN is running a special program on ‘Is media hype on kiss and sleaze affecting the younger generation?’ As a part of this program, they are featuring around 100 kissing scenes in real life.

30 thoughts on “Ronaldo kisses Bipasha

  1. IBN will put a question of day ..

    Should celebrites be kissing ??


    & they will make money thru SMS replies 🙂

    @ prabhu
    Chee echee’ .. Super appu 😀

    PS: As if ronalado would ask for ur permission to kiss bipasha

  2. that IBN one is too good :), we can add NDTV, HT also in this list and u have forgot Times now and TOI

    muzhankaalukkum mottai thalaikkum mudichu podrathu-ngrathu TOI-ku kai vandha kalainu ninaikkarean…some time back, in the first page, they have compared sensex with sachin tendulkar’s record… (reason i guessed is both have neared 15000 mark) aayioo aandava… enna koduma saravanan ithu?

  3. Ssshhh,

    he he 😀

    Amma sonnaalum solvaanga


    Are you alright?

    Sorry. I meant FA footballer of the year 😀 FIFA player was Cannavaro right? Will check the video from home 🙂

  4. And then there is breaking news on day one” Bipasha was kissed on stage”

    Breaking news on day 2: JJ protests
    Breaking news on day 3: PMK protests
    Breaking news on day 4: Sharad Pawar comments
    breaking news on day 5: The story continues !

  5. In fact, CNN IBN has really put such a thing in their website. Kudos to all those correct guesses.

    Look under the photos section of their website.

    Also, you can find a blog on Sivaji (in which the author slightly attacks Tamilians and Rajini by passing a sarcastic comment) by one of the journalists. Most of the comments were good. So much analysis and fight 🙂

    So many comments poured in with anger that the author has now created her own blog site on blogspot.

  6. Hi Bipasha & John,
    I am Sarah from Kuwait. I am a big fan of you both. I truly support u Bipasha.I am with u ..Plz don’t get seperated for nothing. These small things don’t matter. I know John loves Bipasha a lot & Bipasha also loves him so much. So, these type of nonsense won’t bother their long & strong relationship. I Love them alot & always pray for them. I hope they always remain happy forever.
    I Love You John Abraham & Bipasha Basu!!!
    With Love,
    Your Fan#1,
    Sarah Sajid,
    My id is;

  7. It’s ok, lar. No big deal. But i’m a bit jealous of that incident as she should kissed me instead of that gayboy :P. Correction, he is not world footballer of the year. The footballer of the year was Kaka of Brazil (AC Milan).

    Cheers 🙂

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