6 thoughts on “British Grand Prix- 2007

  1. Kimster gave a big birdie to the British Media hype!!! He is getting into the shoes of Schumi slowly now. But in addition to the 6 in-laps of Kimster… it was the first 5 laps of the race from Massa – which adds up in my list!!!

    Nobody even tried to stop him barring the Coulthard Effort for 2 corners!!! He was flying!!!! 22 – 5th.. and putting a hard fight for 4th… he was the driver of the race!!!

  2. For me that 6 laps from flying finn when alonso was pitting .. That was like more of schumi way and putting hammer down to hamilton on initial part of race ..actually that made hamilton to make mistake in pitstop to leave before re-fuelling…

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