Shankar’s next movie.

Boochi-Sound Horn.

Opening scene.

A city taxi driver is zooming in the city honking non stop and terrorizing the pedestrians and other motorists. Suddenly something lands on top of the car. The driver is stunned and he slows down his car. A big fat man with black face and dark red lip stick, jittu kudumi with pink ribbon and kanakambaram flower jumps down from the car. He goes near the driver and screams on his ear ‘Ikkada raNdi. En peru boochandi’.

Camera then zooms on the speedometer. The km changes to 800 (800 is short form of b(8)oochandi). The driver faints, and in the next scene we see the driver and his wife in a hospital. Doctor says the driver has become deaf.

Title card.
Once the name Boochi appears, you hear all kinds of honks in the movie hall. Thanks to Dolby DTS and all, you get a feeling of standing at a signal. Captain Vijayakanth, Asin, Vadivelu etc act in the movie.

Matrix style fight and graphics is displayed during the title. Blaaze sings a rap like ‘Padam eduthuvanukku thriuvodudhaandi. kadhu javva kizhichaandi. Ikkada randi. Avan peru boochandi. Yo! Ikkada Randi avan peru boochandi’

Vijayakanth(Mathruboodham) is riding a Pulsar. Vijayakanth has lots of hair on his head, and sports a panni err pony tail. Vadivelu(Ashok) is besides him. Pulsar is black in color and has a horn like the ones present in auto rickshaw. They are going near PSG engineering college, Coimbatore. Vijayakanth is an alumni from that college and he is going to attend a function. Just before the college, there is an intersection and Asin is trying to cross the road. A city taxi honks like crazy and Asin gets scared. She is about to lose her balance and fall on the other side of the road. Just at that particular moment Vijayakanth crosses Asin. Looking at the situation, captain applies sudden brake. Vadivelu gets thrown out of the bike and falls on a ditch. Asin falls on boodham’s lap. Since she is a Shankar movie heroine, Asin is wearing paavadai dhavani(Half saree). Flute background. Captain asks her ‘Un peru ennamma?’. She replies ‘kaNmaNi’. Captain says ‘kaNmaNi, un dhavaniya konjam gavani’. Asin is shocked, quickly adjusts her half saree and leaves the scene. Flute background again. Vadivelu interrupts by pressing the horn and brings captain back to reality.

Ashok(Vadivelu) asks Vijayakanth to stop the bike. He pees on some compound wall and asks Captain ‘yaen paa. Kaalaila irundhu bike la suthitu irukkom. Unakku varale?’ Captain responds ‘Saniyan dhaan road la poagum, boodham bathroom la poagum’.

Night time. A 2 wheeler(pulsar) rider keeps honking for no reason. Boochandi jumps on his bike, tickles him, removes his helmet and screams ‘Ikkada raNdi. En peru boochaNdi’. This guy also becomes deaf. Police commissioners office. All officers are sitting around a table. Sarath Babu the commissioner says
‘Friends. We are here to discuss a strange case. Indha oru maasathula thamiznaatula motham 1500 peru sevudu aagitaanga. Very strange. I have formed a special team under the leadership of Mr Sori Nair err Soori Nair (Sudhakar. That kizhakke pogum rayil hero).’

Asin is at her home. She is watching something on television. At that time, she hears an autorickshaw horn. She jumps out to check if it is boodham on his pulsar. But it is a real autorickshaw and not captains pulsar. But to her surprise boodham gets out of the Auto. Time for a duet. Bare chested guys have boochandi image painted on their tummies, and all women have korapallu like demons in this song.

soorpanagaiyin thangaiye
Sivanukku gangaye
Boodhadhukku indha nangaye
la laaa la laaa la laaaa

Mr Nair starts his detective work by interviewing all the people affected by Boochandi. With the help of Windows Notepad, he draws a diagram of Boochandi. Then he discusses with Police chief ‘Sir. This guy is affected by people honking and driving like crazy. And ellaraduya speedometer layum 800 vara madhiri panraan. So he should be an engineer who drives a Maruti 800. Mukkavasi crimes Coimbatore area la dhaan nadandhu irukku. So Coimbatore la irukkara Maruti 800 owners kitta enquire pannina we will get some clues’. Nair starts interviewing all the 800 owners, mechanic shops, engineering colleges etc. Finally they reach a mechanic shop where Boodham gives his bike for service. Mechanic immediately recognizes the fact that the police are searching for Boodham. But he is very fond of Boodham as he would have helped the mechanic many times in his life. ‘Mechanic saapdra saadham, pichai poattadhu boodham.

But since Nair is brilliant he discovers Boodham is Boochandi. He encounters Boodham and time for a flashback.

Flashback begins
Boodham is a college student. He rides a bicycle to college. He has a very good friend who is from a poor background who has never seen any porn movies. So Boodham arranges for a porn movie session in his house. When Boodham’s friend is riding a bicycle to reach Boodham’s house he meets with an accident. Accident happened as someone honked loudly, and this guy got terrified and lost his balance. He dies without watching the porn movie.
End of Flashback

Boodham says to Nair ‘My brend(friend) died without watching baarn(porn). Its begaase(because) aaaf(of) haarn(horn). Thamizhnaatula evan thevai illama horn adikarano avan kitta poi kathuven. Idha evanaalayum thaduthu niRutha mudiyaadhu. Saying this he growls. Nair says ‘Sattam than kadamayai cheyyum’ and arrests Boochandi, and then takes out a bag of cotton from his ear.

kaNmaNi(Asin) misses boodham and sings a romantic solo

Tyre kizhinja puncture ottalaam
kaadhu kizhinja eppadi ottalaam
thanimayil vaadum indha kaNmaNi
ennai thazhuvum nee dhavaNi

There is a public uproar. One young lady from a slum says ‘enakku kannaalam aavi 5 maasam aavudhungo. Ippo dhaan ennala en purusan pesaradha kaekka mudiyudhu. Idhu varaikkum road la ore horn satham. andha magarasan nalla irukkanum’. One student ‘Exam time la horn was a major distrubance. Naan inniku nalla mark vaangi irukken na adhukku kaaraNam boochaNdi dhaan’. Old man ‘vayasaana kaalathula krishna rama nu kovil la nadakkara ubanyasaatha ennala clear aa kaekka mudiyaradhu. Boochandi nanna irukkanum nu naan perumaaLa veNdikkaren’. Even the judges wife mentions to him ‘Inga paarunga. Namma poNNu ippo dhairiyama irukaradhukku kaaraNam boochandi dhaan. avar mela endha nadavadikkayum edukka koodadhu.’

Boochandi gets released and TN becomes a state where people seldom use horn, and everybody lives happily there after. Boodham and kaNmaNi get married, and she feels shy before first night. Movie ends.


31 thoughts on “Boochi

  1. Good one Prabhu.. i was laughing my butt out for bootham bathroomla pogum…just a request.. make sure you copyright this..else Shankar will definitely make this into a movie…;)

  2. எல்லாம் நல்லாத்தான் இருக்கு. ஆனா விசயகாந்த் படிச்சது எங்க காலேஜ்லன்னு சொல்லி காலேஜ கிண்டல் பண்ணிடீங்க 😉

  3. Fantastic narration.

    Try talking to some movie makers – i dont find much difference from reel script and this!!

    Just marevellous narration – enjoyed it.


  4. nair is a very versatile designer using notepad yellam.. gosh..i actually felt like i watched the movie.. too funny..

  5. you have thought this through quite well.. the scenes, punch dialogues, even the songs make sense..

    there are many types of logic

    0 logic
    1 logic
    x logic or fuzzy logic
    Rajni logic
    and now, thanks to you we have

    boochi logic!


    super Ferro.. loved this one.

  6. Ramana + rajni’s punch dialogues + a lil bit of amman kovil kizhakaale (adhula thaane kanmani ponmani ellaam solluvaan?)

    oru masala boochi kuduthu irukeenga.. Idhula paatu vera.. Paathu! simbhu adutha padathukku ungala lyrics ezhudha pudichikka poraaan… boochi 😀

  7. Prasanna,

    Last time Eswari Engineering college. This time PSG 😛

    Thank you 🙂

    Edho onnu 😉 Actually its gapdone


    Illenganna. Ingaye dhaan irukken 😛

    Danks. Mazhai ellam over aa?

    Am fine. Thank you 🙂

    Thank you 🙂



    sundar Narayanan,
    Boochi logic 😀 Thank you for the term 😛

    Gentlemen, Indian ellam remind pannaliya? 🙂

  8. Ha…hilarious! “My brend(friend) died without watching baarn(porn). Its begaase(because) aaaf(of) haarn(horn).” —- ROFL!

    Nallavela, Asin paer Kanmani and not Kannamma 😉

  9. Prabhu,
    ‘Saniyan dhaan road la poagum, boodham bathroom la poagum’ .. too good .. i was reading ur blog in office and i burst with laugh after reading this and everyone is looking at me .. ‘boodham horn adicha athirithula’ nu sethirukalam..

  10. Hilarious. But the only sore point for me was my favorite movie ramana got chopped and butchered mercilessly 🙁

    Btw, the name “ashok” for vadivelu konjam overaa illa ? And when you mentioned PSG college i thought you’d be saying he is studying in that. Thank god you said he is an alumni 😀

  11. ‘kaNmaNi’. Captain says ‘kaNmaNi, un dhavaniya konjam gavani’……Reminds me of the name asking scene (Anjali) in Agni natchatram 😀

  12. Very hilarious! …Hey if film ppl. see this they may even make a movie like this and if Rajini is cast as hero, I am sure his koedi rasigargal will rasithu paarthufy the movie and media would leave no stones unturned in commeding Boochi! [Imagine Rajini saying a punch dialogue like “Naan thaan aandi ..Boooochaaandi”] and then the entire TN repeating it …enna summa adhirudhille !

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