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Thanks to Aviyal Expert Purni‘s dad, who got me the meaning of the opening lines of the song ‘TheeNdai‘ (Which is actually Kurunthogai as reader Pandya pointed out)

Here it goes

The context – The heroine is confiding her deepest feelings to her
friends in the absence of her lover who has gone out of station on
business or for war.

கன்றும் உண்ணாது, கலத்தினும் படாது,
நல் ஆன் தீம் பால் நிலத்து உக்கா அங்கு,
எனக்கும் ஆகாது, என்னைக்கும் உதவாது,
பசலை உணீஇயர் வேண்டும்-
திதலை அல்குல் என் மாமைக் கவினே

Line 1 – Kandrum Unnaadhu Kalathinum Padaadhu
Nal Aan Theem Paal Nilathu ukkaa Angu

When the cows milk is neither enjoyed by the calf nor consumed by
humans, but goes to waste on the Earth.

Line 3 – Pasalai Uni Iyar Vendum
Pasalai is the vacant feeling expressed in one’s looks and is
attributed as a disease. The cow is said to have a vacant look in its
eyes when its milk goes waste.

Line 2 and 4 – The Heroine tells her friends that she is now suffering
from this Pasalai disease in the absence of her beloved. She pines for
her lover saying that her youth will go waste and will not be used
till his return. She tells her friends that she is destined to suffer
this disease till he returns. She asks her friends how they can help
her in such a state. She tells them that their company and soothing
words will keep her alive.

Super 🙂

20 thoughts on “Lyrics Explanation

  1. Yes..Even some of the Vairamuthu’s lyrics are adaptation of ancient literatures like Ahananooru ,Kurundhohai etc..Anyway nice to know such explanantion.

  2. Nice .. 🙂
    Remembering those days in class 8 and class 9
    where we learnt all about tamil literature 🙂
    And there are many poems for each land of
    Kurunji, Mullai ….paalai 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot Prabhu. I always wondered what thses lines mean. I have seen a number of requests (while digging the archive) in Y! group at the time ESK released, asking for the translation of these first lines of Theendai. Can you take the pain to translate the entire song and then post it to Y! group?

    BTW…out of the context though……is it your conscious effort to make your blog ‘unreachable’ to non-tamilians? I’m Bengali (though i can read Tamil script) and dont understand the posts you make in Tamil (or Kannada?) 🙁

  4. thamizh knowledge limited to kumudham and anandha vikatan 🙁
    What abt “Narumugaiye” from Iruvar ? I didnt understand a single lyric of that either.
    Perhaps,an “araaichi” on that sometime would enlighten me 🙂

  5. suppperrrr 🙂 Tamizh vaazhga! school’a cheyyuL padichathu elaam gavanam varuthu. I am liking your blog more and more 🙂 neengha kalakungha 🙂

  6. wow… another similar poetry of eloquence:
    thanni thotti thaedi vandha kannu kutti naa…
    en kanna katti kaatile vittadhu saami…..

    e sarayatha oothu, jannala daan saathu…..

  7. hey can u sense that phrases inbetween pallavi and 1st stanza. you can hear chorus chanting it in a mild voice and later Chitraji starting,’Vizhiyodu theendal undu……’

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  9. Irandha pirappil seidha vinaiyai pirandha pirappal ariga

    ………………………inippirandhu irundhu seiyum vinay

    Mael ulla paadalai poorthi seiyya vaendugiraen Pl.Muzhudhaaga ninaivukku varavillai.

    Nanri -Mohankumar

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