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NAI. Off late in Sun Music, there is a song from this movie ‘Naan Avanillai’. It looked like a trademark Boochandi movie. Google told me that this movie is a remake of the yesteryear classic in which Gemini Ganesan was the hero. And its a KB movie. Rather a KB classic. I was worried. Is it worth watching this movie? I have a policy of watching only very good or very bad movies. What if the movie is neither good, nor bad? But then whats life without risks?

The movie is about Jeevan, a trickster, who cheated around 4 women and got married to them. So there is a court case where all the cheated girls come and narrate their stories. And Jeevan declines any help from the lawyers and defends himself. There is a proverb. ‘Oru paanai sotrukku oru soRu padham’.

Lets just take a sample of how Malavika falls for Jeevan. Malavika finds a mobile on the road. The moment she picks up, the phone rings. Jeevan calls and tells her that he had dropped his mobile and he is on his way to London. The moment Malavika hears London, she is all smiles and blushes. Jeevan goes on to say, she has a great voice. Later when they meet in a pub, Jeevan asks her ‘Enna kudikareenga? Whisgee(whiskey), braaandee(brandy), waadka(vodka)?’. She replies ‘No no no no no’. Jeevan retorts ‘Ennai madhiri India la vaLarndhu London la padichu irukkara pasanga ellam innum yaen namma naatu poNNuNgala rasikarom theriyuma? Idhaan. Indha Indian culture dhaan’. And Malavika would be wearing a LKG girls skirt and 2nd standard boys banian. After this scene, I heaved a huge sigh of relief. It DEFINITELY will be a bad movie! She falls for him. Seriously!

He gets married to Malavika, after telling her brother that he knows the minister. During the wedding, he wears a 3 piece black suit. Madras veyyil la 3 piece suit poattundu kalyanam pannikaravan loose aa iruppaan nu Malavikakum ava aNNanukkum theriyalai. Paavam.

Next comes Sneha. Actually, Sneha loves him all through the movie even after knowing his character. She is a big fan of ghazals and art. Jeevan sells her some chart paper and gets 1 lakh from her. So she is also cheated. Before this Jeevan proposes to her as well, saying ‘unga punnagai alagaa irukku’. As always there is this cute homely(?) Sneha dance number. You have heard of item number. Have you heard of Sneha dance number? Here it goes. Remember to sing la la la every 5 seconds in repeat mode

1. Let your hair loose. Smile
2. Run towards hero. The moment you get closer, cover hands with face.
3. Fall on heroes chest
4. Smile at him by flaunting hairstyle from oneside to other. Slap his face with your hair
5. Fall on otherside of the chest
6. Smile
7. Hero will look who is this crazy person banging into my chest
8. Run away from hero, cover the face with hand.
9. Hold saree with both the hands, at the knee portion and then jump. Left right left.
10. Cover face. Smile

Snehas expression will be the same, whether it is Vijay, Ajith, Chera or even Saravana Stores Selvarathnam. I wish someone makes a movie with him as the hero and Sneha has the heroine. La la la

Girl no 3 is Ammu kutti. Dancer. Mohini. The way she gets cheated, the director could have very well named her as Mandu kutti. She takes bath in lake with her friends. Group of guys watch her taking bath. Her dress slips down in the stream. So she shame shame inside water. Now what will happen? Yes. Hero jumps in water and gives his shirt to her. Naananaananaa. Thats it. She falls for him. If he took money from previous girl, he takes jewellery from this girl.

Next fool, cha girl is Rani. Her mom runs an Ashram. Jeevan comes here as Radhakrishna swamigaL. He makes people believe he can talk to Krishna. Chandrabhai believes Krishna spoke to him, and she thinks Jeevan is reincarnation of Krishna. And one bhakthan ‘Napoleon’ calls her and says they are waiting for Swamiji. Jewellery is taken here.

Next comes Namitha. She is a thoziladhibar. And appoints Jeevan as a marketing manager in her company. In interview she is impressed with this question ‘Naan ungalukku Marketing Manager velai kodutha en kitta enna kaepeenga?’. He will reply ‘En table enga irukku?’. Audience will ask the theatre guys ‘Exit enga irukku?’. He gets a job there. And slowly gets a good name from Namitha. They both get into a lift. Now what will happen? Correct. Lift will stop in middle. So, Jeevan gets out of the lift by opening something on the top. And he lifts Namitha single handedly :O Special effects I guess. And then she hugs from behind, as she is afraid of heights. And he climbs using a rope. Namitha is impressed. Scene change. Rain. Her car is stuck in middle of the road. Jeevan comes to help her.

They walk in the rain. They reach home. Jeevan wears a towel and then plays guitar. Namitha doesnt wear even that and something even lesser!!!! She wears a dalmatian patterned kerchief. People with weak heart neednt see this. Then a romance song in some desert. You would have seen stray dogs right? These dogs have more civic sense than us. Thats besides the point. These dogs after peeing, use their backleg and throw some mud on the area where they have dirtied. Namitha and Jeevan do the same with 2 legs, in a desert. I meant throwing the mud. Dont miss out that song. Brilliant dance step. This song is featured frequently in Sun Music. Watch it. And in the middle of the song, Namitha comes in a red color kerchief and in BGM ‘Chakka chevendha pazham. Idhu thenaatam inikkum pazham’. Kali muthiduthu.

Finally we get to know what the truth is, and also some message on how girls should be careful in choosing their life partners. Yemarravan irukkara varaikkum yematharavan irundhukitte dhaan irupaanga. That is the message. Same holds good for us too. As long as there are people like me who watch such movies, movie makers will keep producing such movies. NAI

Update: Here is the Sneha dance number

41 thoughts on “Naan Avan Illai – NAI

  1. I am not to able to laugh out loud because I am in a close confined space with people around me. But yes, you do have the art of good description of bad movies..Who gets the really good message in such movies when the packaging is so bad, I wonder..

  2. Neethi, I am in similar situation too. Am at work.

    I could not supress my laughter when I read the part on ‘Mandu kutti’. Boochandi, super review. Brilliant. Enjoyed every bit of it.

    Prabhu thanks for the double treat of He-she post and a boochandi review. πŸ™‚

  3. Prabhu,


    Initially I thought the name of the movie was NAI, then realised it is something else and after reading for sometime thought it should be named NAI.

  4. Sneha dance number description super! Was ROFL.

    “Namitha comes in a red color kerchief and in BGM Γ’β‚¬ΛœChakka chevendha pazham. Idhu thenaatam inikkum pazhamÒ€ℒ.” — ROFL @ the choice of BGM.

    You must have tremendous patience to actually watch such movies!! πŸ™‚

  5. LOL :)) naanum padam paathen. ungha review’a nalla rasika mudinjuthu πŸ™‚ onumae illama epdi padam edukaraanghalo theriyalai….btw, KB’s Naan avan ilai ipdi thaan irukumaa??

  6. Hii Prabhu
    That was a hilarious review !!!
    Even I did the big mistake of watching this movie ..
    they could have made the screen play more interesting.

  7. Naan eppovumae yosichurukken!! Sneha yen ippadi facea moodi moodi kaaturanganu.. I used to think that she imitates Saroja Devi. Anyway, ippo thaan purinchudhu.. homely girls naa ippadi thaan filmala kaatanum pola πŸ˜‰

    Pucca Prabs Post! Unga sitekku creative commons license innuma pottukala?

  8. thiru boochandi avargale..

    nenga enna drill master a vella panringala…

    dance numbers la ivalo super a 1 2 3 step potu soluringa πŸ™‚

  9. hilarious stuff! i loved the way you have explained about Sneha’s love song! its just too funny! good going! πŸ™‚ should i say, please keep watching bad movies so we can have some good entertainment? πŸ˜‰ well, think about it!

  10. LOL ! Slept half way through only to be prodded by my wife who did not want to suffer alone ! πŸ™‚

    Lovely review ! And NAI – well, thats the title !

  11. Prabhu,

    One small correction on this line – “These dogs have more civic sense than us. Thats besides the point. These dogs after peeing, use their backleg and throw some mud on the area where they have dirtied.”

    It is “CAT” that has this decent behavior of throwing mud, not dog.

    NAI, Naai dhaan. πŸ™‚

  12. yeah, naanum paarthen intha movie….. tat guy just cant act…. romantic scene also same expression, sentiment also same expression!! worshtu!! varisaiyaa ella ponnungalum ipdi thaan emaaruvaangalaa??

    hilarious review though!!

  13. Seems the movie was quite different and forward in KB’s time… But it still goes on become Sun TV’s Number 1 in Top Ten Movies, puching Paruthiveeran Behind. Some taste these guys have.

    I took one look at the poster of the movie on my drive to work and decided not to watch it.

    – A G

  14. Good review….Had me in splits….How do you bear the torture of such movies??do you watch it in dvd/cd else sit patiently in theatre???

  15. Prabhu,
    If i remember correctly, an award will be given to Indian citizens every republic day for performing brave and courageous acts. You deserve those awards for watching movies like NAI,Vyabari,Sabari, Veerasamy.. πŸ™‚

    ungalukku porumai jasthi..


  16. A hilarious post. I was laughing out loud quite a bit – especially that Saravana stores Selvarathnam part.

  17. I too saw the movie(dvd).im frustrated whenever sneha appeared in the movie.Is she nuts?For my dismay its ranked no.1 in sun tv reviews and no.3 in raj tv.these films shouldnt be reviewed at all.

  18. I have a policy of watching only very good or very bad movies.
    After this scene, I heaved a huge sigh of relief. It DEFINITELY will be a bad movie!

    N sneha s dance number was good too :D.

  19. This comment is long overdue, I’m aware. But anyhow, dear guy, I think you missed the whole point of naan avan illai. I believe the movie was making fun of the very elements that kept you amused for stupid reasons. Example, jeevan praising malavika for her rootedness in indian culture was a situational irony. This is evident when jeevan becomes critical of her attire etc in the court scene. And Ammukutty’s story was the best laughable moments of the movie. Again, they re-used an obsolete, absurd idea of old movies where the heroine loses her (under?)garments in the water. This was another attempt at mockery.
    One thing I’m confused about: Why did they have to get sneha to play such a bimbotic role? I thought she already crossed that phase.

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