7 thoughts on “Srichapan gets engaged…

  1. Schmetterling means butterfly 🙂 On the lines of the free spirit, symmetry in randomness et cetera.
    Avanoda moonji kku ava laam konjam over anyways. And tennis seems to be the insport to play these days. cricket most definitely not, at least if you’re on the indian cricket team. *sigh*

  2. Hello Prabhu,
    I have been reading your blog for a while. I have a few questions. Would be nice if you can answer them.

    When I sign up for adsense do I need anything other than giving my name and address. I heard I may need a TIN number to pay taxes in the US.

  3. Prabha,
    Thank you 🙂

    Face doesnt matter 😉

    Love All 😛

    I have no clue. Better check the Adsense FAQ section in google. It should contain all details!

  4. Tope…

    onnum illai irukradhe sinna idhayam,
    toppnu vedichiruchu !!!!!


    anyway, engirunthalum vazhga….

    adutha Ms prabhanjam yarumma ???

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