Half clay Half grass

Yes thats how the tennis court is going to look like, for a match between Federer and Nadal.

Federer and Nadal will go head-to-head in Mallorca on 2 May on a court that is clay at one end and grass at the other.

“It might seem crazy, especially at this time of the season, but we enjoy playing tennis for fun,” Federer said.

I sincerely hope ESPN or Star or Ten Sports or Zee sports, telecasts this match. It doesnt matter who telecasts this match as long as they show it 🙂

7 thoughts on “Half clay Half grass

  1. செ: அண்ணே, இது என்ன?
    கெள ம: புல்லு!
    செ: இப்ப?
    கெள ம: மறுபடியும் புல்லு!
    செ: இல்ல அண்ணே; இது ஹாஃபு!

  2. King Fed will win? Not so easy. When it comes to clay, the King is still that Spanish kid! FedEx simply the best in the rest of the surfaces. So lets give that to Rafael for now. if FedEx needs to conquer the king of clay title, he needs to beat Nadal consistently on clay.

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