Vyaabari – The Loose

Vyaabari – 100 % profit

Have 10 test tubes, along with pippette and burette from some school chemistry lab on a table. Fill them with Rasna, Fanta, Thumsup, Bovonto, Vinegar etc. Light a tortoise coil below the table. So the room is filled with smoke, along with all this stuff. Make Nasser sit behind these tables. What do you get? A scientist in tamil cinema. In this movie Nasser discovers human cloning! With this huge expectation, the movie starts.

Enter SJ Surya. It seems he is one of the top billionares of the world. He has photos of Ratan Tata, Bill Gates, Narayanamurthy, Kalanidhi Maran etc in his room. His life time ambition is to earn atleast 1 Rupee more than what Bill Gates does. SJ Surya walks very fast all through the movie, just like a person rushing to the restroom after a long bus journey.He has a mother, sister and brother in law(Vadivelu). He has no time for his family, since he is a businessman.

I forgot the heroines name. Tamanna I guess. She is a student, and she plans to study the life story of Surya for her project. She is impressed with his hard work and starts loving him. She tells her friends that she will love SJS, even if he was not so rich. Mudiyalai. Boochandi kke mudiyalai!

This girl cooks something and SJS is impressed with her cooking. He wants to start a hotel, and make this girl the chief cook. She refuses and says ‘I dont mind being your partner, provided it is life partner. Not business partner’. SJS quickly calculates. With some crazy mathematical equations he arrives at a figure of 1430 crores. He would make that much profit with this hotel business, since his wife is an expert in cooking. Evlo paer da ippadi keLambi irukeenga?

Villain. SJS overtook him to be the richest guy. So what happens? He wants to take revenge, by using Malavika. SJS senses this and beats him in a garage after a punch dialogue. ‘Business nu vandhaa 100 % vyaabari. Prachnai vandha 100 % porukki’. Indha padatha producer pannavar 100 % loose.

Since SJS rarely comes home due to business, his wife tries to commit suicide as her husband doesn’t have time for her. And SJS is advised by his wellwishers that if she dies or asks for divorce, his reputation will go for a toss. And he would have to spend his time running around for court/case and stuff. He thinks on how to handle this situation. If alone the producer and director had thought for few minutes, we wouldn’t have had this torture 🙁 He meets Nasser and gets a clone made. Yes. Two SJ Suryas 🙁 One SJ Surya manages the family, and the other SJS manages the business. From this moment, even the dialogues become double!

How does one distinguish between original and duplicate. By their walking style. The duplicate walks slow. And he moves his hands like, pulling water from the well. The duplicate SJS wants original SJS to spend more time with family, and he does all stupid things possible on earth. That is what the second half is all about. Somewhere during second half, SJS meets Prakashraj who is role model. Prakashraj teaches SJS the importance of family. Then some more sentimental scenes, leaves the audience in a state of mental torture.

The movie ends with the lines ‘Enge vaazhkai thodangum adhu enge evvidham mudiyum, idhu dhaan paadhai idhu dhaan payaNam enbadhu yaarukkum theriyaadhu’ from the song ‘Ninaipadhellam nadandhu vittaal deivam edhumillai’. Fitting lines. SJ Surya ellam hero vaaga nadithu vittaal deivam edhumillai. Sigh! Guess I spent more time writing this review, than what Shakti.Chidambaram spent for writing the story of this movie. Wearing a leather jacket and walking on Ranganathan Street in Madras Summer is better than watching this movie in some AC hall! Whoever watches this movie, must get a free ticket to Kasi Rameswaram to wash away their sins!

15 thoughts on “Vyaabari – The Loose

  1. really funny review … somehow after reading your review feel like watching it … I should not miss on that jokers movie
    “Wearing a leather jacket and walking on Ranganathan Street in Madras Summer is better than watching this movie in some AC hall!” lol
    Have u tried that actually?

  2. past 2 or 3 days-aa unga blog-la activity koranjaa maathiri oru feeling irunthuthu!! ippo thaan theriyuthu, tat u hav been left in a state of mental shock after watching this!! so, its understandable!!

  3. Somehow…my bro’s has watched almost all of the recent movies that u have reviewed…and yourly truly gave him the august company….

    :-s…I hope am not dragged to this one too! :-s and SJS :-s had seen enough of him in thriumagan… (kadavule enna kaapathu!) ennale mudiyaadhu paa..

  4. hahahah!!! surprised that you actually endured the whole movie and dint succumb to it! 😉 SJS – !!! do we need to say anything more?

  5. unge vazhkai rOmba kaanju poi irukko … ippadi patte padam laam pakkareenge … he he indhe review laam SJS padicha rOmba perumai paduvaaru 🙂

    sad part is nasser doin such roles … avarukku enna kashtem’o

  6. Hey
    I had been a silent reader of your blog all these while!
    You have been doing a great job!

    BTW.. why do you torture yourself by watching such movies. edavadhu nerthikadana. You really have the guts I say ,to watch SJS movie in theatre…

    Anyways .. enjoyed each word of your review.
    Keep them coming


  7. lol,
    Nope 😛


    Hmm. Just like that 🙂

    Lack of activity in blog, can be due to various reasons. Not SJ Surya 😛

    Mottai dhaana? thee midhikaradha vendikanum

    he he. I wish you see that. In fact let me pray 😛


    Nasser and Prakashraj 🙁

    Thank you 🙂

    Ellam oru jollyku dhaan!

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