Wimbledon 2007…

…was the event with the worst ‘Risk Mitigation Strategy’. Absolutely stupid. God knows why they did not schedule any match last Sunday. And, why the interrupted matches started much later than fresh matches. It resulted in so many players getting injured and losing the steam. Really stupid!

I give up

1. Its raining in Wimbledon. The covers haven’t come off yet. No chance of play for another 1 hour
2. Formula 1 qualifying is going on in France
3. Moto GP has started in Holland.

Now if you are ESPN Star what will you do? Show Moto GP in one channel, and telecast F1 qualifying till tennis match starts? No. Thats not what is happening. They are showing Moto GP. Okay. But on Star Sports they are retelecasting the match between Quareshi and Childs.

I give up.

Star Stupid Sports

Dear Star Sports,

By any chance JJ or MK bought your channel? Have you lost your senses or something? Agreed. Paes is Indian. That does not mean you stop everything else and telecast his doubles match live. Before you interrupted, the match which many people term as the best in womens tennis for quite some time was going, on Court 1. Yes am referring to Safarova vs Jankovic match. Very rarely one gets to see such a cliffhanger in womens tennis. Well. Ok. We can forgive once. But, sir, how on earth can you forget to switch back to Centre Court when Federer took on Safin? Yours was the only channel in the world that would have done such a blunder. Even Paes’s dad would have preferred to watch Federer vs Safin. Tennis fans are not Cricket fans. We dont have any blue billion nonsense here. Stop messing around. Idiots!

-An irritated subscriber

Wimbledon 2007

I always like watching Wimbledon on the first day. Mainly for the undisturbed grass court. After a few days, white patches appear near the baseline and it doesn’t look that great.

Matches to look forward today
Roger Federer vs Teimuraz Gabashvili –> Around 17.30 IST
(After this match, we have Moya vs Henman)
Court 1
Roddick plays first followed by Henin. Then James Blake takes on Igor Andreev. Andreev has been playing well this season.
Court 2
M Hingis vs Naomi Cavaday(16.30 IST). And in the last match Vince Spadea takes on Ivan Ljubicic.

Well, Star Sports telecasts only matches on these courts. There are many more interesting matches like the Benjamin Becker one, but am not sure if they will be shown live. And yes, this is wimbledon. Can we have some Serve and Volley please?

Half clay Half grass

Yes thats how the tennis court is going to look like, for a match between Federer and Nadal.

Federer and Nadal will go head-to-head in Mallorca on 2 May on a court that is clay at one end and grass at the other.

“It might seem crazy, especially at this time of the season, but we enjoy playing tennis for fun,” Federer said.

I sincerely hope ESPN or Star or Ten Sports or Zee sports, telecasts this match. It doesnt matter who telecasts this match as long as they show it 🙂

Safin vs Benjamin Becker

Is it just me, or everyone feels Safin has put on so much weight? Match was good, but I felt Benjamin threw away the match than Safin winning it. I wish Safin starts playing better and meets Roddick in the 3rd round. That should be an exciting match.

And Sania’s match is at 05.30 AM IST tomorrow. You watching?