I am interested in events, where breakfast comprises of mallipoo idli, chutney, dosai, pongal, vadai ,kesari and filter kaapi. Followed by a juice say an hour later, and then lunch comprising of paruppu usili couple of hours later.

Am not interested in iPad, iPhone, 3G, 4G, 12G(KK Nagar to Anna Square) events. Thank you!

Nokia Email

Nokia has introduced this cool email application(Thank you Gopal) for their smartphones. If you are in the habit of checking emails regularly from your mobile phone, check it out. Its too good, unlike the Gmail for mobile application.

It is the coolest mobile phone e-mail interface, I have ever seen on a Nokia phone. Try it out! I am sure you will like it.

Gadget time

1. I have been using this Binary watch for quite some time, and its really cool. Next, I want to go for a bluetooth watch. Is there any alternative to this sony ericsson bluetooth watch? I would prefer a watch without an analog or digital dial πŸ˜€
2. Did anyone of you manage to download skyfire? I would like to see if it supports tamil fonts. None of the mobile browsers seem to πŸ™ The iphone browser has the same problem that firefox by default has πŸ™ Atleast firefox has a patch.
3. Why on earth are people excited about iPhone? I find HTC far better than iPhone. Typing in iPhone is hell. I tried a demo version for couple of days, and I didn’t like it. Touchscreen is fun for sometime. Beyond that you get bored with it. I wish Nokia introduces a version of N810 with mobile and 3G features. That suits my requirements perfectly πŸ™‚
4. 3G is really good. For GPS, internet radio, youtube, fring and so many other things. I hope we get it in India really soon, now that the government has initiated some steps. Nokia maps rocks, by the way!
5. Does anyone know if any television company has launched a LCD TV compatible with an USB port? I heard Philips has a USB compatible DVD player. But the problem I heard, from my friends, is that it plays only audio. And jpegs. No divx πŸ™ I see that there are some LCD monitors enabled with USB but I am not sure if they can play DivX videos.
6. Has anyone used Pinnacle’s USB TV receiver? Does it make sense to have one in India?