Ada raama!

Looks like the government is trying everything possible to convince the supreme court. Now it says, Sethu Samudram is not part of Hinduism(?). Lets assume Supreme court rejects this appeal also. Now what will the central government do? Machi TV has some suggestions.

1. Father of Ramar pillai(Petrol fame) is Lord Ram. Make Ramar Pillai give a written statement that his father was always for the sethusamudram project and there is absolutely no problem to go ahead with sethusamudram project.

2. Bring some scientist and say originally india and srilanka were separated at a place, which is called as guindy now. And due to some earth quake, the upper portion of sri lanka got joined with Guindy, and the middle part of srilanka remained there. So the original bridge is the bridge that T R Baalu is constructing (partly operational) in Guindy. And also give live examples that the bridge has been wonderfully designed to send lots of people directly to heaven. What other proof does one need?

3. Since Lord Venkateswara opened a new bank account, and forgot to make changes in the ECS instructions the cheque presented by Kuberan bounced. So he got angry, confiscated the bridge and has taken it along with him to Heaven and it is kept safely there. Once the loan tenure is over the bridge will be returned. As everyone knows this is a never ending loan, there is no need to worry about drilling that area. Hence, the project can proceed.

4. Ram is not Hindu. Hindu is a newspaper, and not a religion. The only connection between Hindu and Ram is that, his namesake N Ram is the editor of ‘The Hindu’. Apart from that there is no other connection. So how can a newspaper which is in vogue for 100+ years only, construct a bridge which is supposed to be 1000+ years old?

Matter Topic

Machi TV’s exclusive coverage of Particle Acceleration.
by Special Correspondent Matter Mani.

For the second consecutive week, the collective attention of the nation is on central europe. Last week it was the Nuclear deal and this week we have this matter topic. Though much of the action is happening at the Swiss-French border, the whole of India is eagerly following the events.
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Machi Prediction & Suggestion

If a person is closely following Indian cricket, then that person will be frustrated to the core today. Better stay away and do not bug them 😀 Get them Thillu mullu or Michael Madana Kamarajan VCD so that they get back to normal.

If anyone wants to know how to scold someone using Madras tamil, please mention the name Bucknor to any tamilian who follows cricket 😉

Om shanti shanti shanti!


This is TV season after all. So we, the machi TV group, are coming up with some innovative ideas to forge ahead. Here is a sample.

Rediff has a very funny section called ‘Spotted‘, where in readers send photographs of celebrities. Like some lady ‘Sweetie(!!)’ spotted Sushmita Sen buying Bedsheets(Duh!), and came to a conclusion that ‘Sushmita is very simple and elegant’. Ahem! Not to be left behind, we will also spot imaginary things. And since this is a niche area, we are coming up with an all new program called ‘Machinichi flash’.
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