Airtel MNP problems

Recently I submitted a request to Airtel to port my number from Airtel to BSNL. After 4 days I got a message from BSNL saying that my request was rejected by Airtel due to legal reasons. When I called the help desk at 121 they said since my balance was negative they rejected the porting request.

1. When I Submitted porting request my balance was 10 Rs.
2. No call was made nor was any message sent. How did I get into negative balance then?

After lots of talking the call centre guy finally conceded that the 10 Rs debit was wrong and agreed to refund it. They did refund the money immediately. But now I have to resubmit the porting request, wait for 72 hours. Luckily this was my spare mobile and I am ready to wait till eternity till Airtel gets fed up and allows by porting request. But how many will? Is this Airtel’s way of getting back at customers who want to move away from them? If this is not cheating, then what is?

I am waiting for the day I can get rid of Airtel.

Naxalite Express – Bangalore to Chennai

I think Indian Railways can rename the Bangalore Chennai Shatabdi express to Naxalite express. Reasons:

1. No care about safety.
2. Civilian safety at risk.

I would advice anyone not to travel by this train. The condition of the coaches are worser than any mode of transport one can imagine. Worst part is they charge more than the mysore shatabdi which has far better coaches.

Maybe Arundhati Roy can flag off the train once it is renamed as Naxal express.

Getting directions in Bangalore

Swalpa mundha (Just ahead) – It is atleast 500 metres from where you are.

Straight hogi – No. It is anything but straight. You would have started before the guy completed giving his instructions. He would have actually meant, go straight, you will get a circle. Turn left at that circle. Go straight for another 500 metres and ask yet another person for directions.

Straiiighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttttttt Hogi – Forget it. You are no where near the destination. Atleast 3 to 4 kms to go.

2nd left, 3rd right – There are that many roads in this area. So the address you ask might be in any of these left or rights. It all depends on how you interpret. You never asked the person giving directions, from where you need to take the second left or 3rd right, right?

Very hot in Bangalore

In JP nagar 9th phase, Bangalore there is a road called Amruth Nagar Main Road. This Amruth Nagar is there for more than 100 years.

It seems a guy called Anjan lived there around 90 years ago. He was a very popular guy. And one day he suffered from severe headache and nothing could cure him. And he didn’t know what to do . His wife who was cooking that time felt that if she applies something hot he will be alright and in the heat of the moment she mixed ghee, haldi(manjal) and stuff and applied it on Anjan’s forehead.

And to everyone’s surprise his headache got cured. And they named the combination balm Amrutanjan.

What on earth?

I received quite a few forwards and text messages on this earth hour. I do not understand one thing. It makes sense to switch off the electrical equipments if you get uninterrupted power supply for the entire 365 days. When that is not the case, and when BESCOM(Replace with your local electricity board) plugs out 1 hour on an average every day why on earth should I switch off?

Earth day concept in India is Rejetted!

For the new Airport

I am all excited about the new Airport at Devanahalli. I absolutely dont understand this hungama over the protests, and demands for keeping the HAL open. I wish to ask these people who protest against the new airport ‘Where were you so long?’. By any chance do you stay in and around Indira Nagar? Is that the reason you are protesting? 🙂 It is not BIAL’s fault for completing the project. Nor is it their fault that infrastructure is not in place. Suddenly lots of people are behaving like communists.

Bangalore Photowalk

Inspired by CC’s Chennai photowalk Karthik came up with the Bangalore version. The first session happened today, and it was good fun. We started at Apsara Theatre by 8 AM. We covered KR Road today till Basavanagudi covering Bangalore Fort, Victoria Hospital, Vani Vilas hospital, Bangalore medical college on the way. By around 10.30 we reached SLV restaurant in Basavanagudi and ended the session. There were 11 of us, and it was really good. Looking forward to the next one.

Here are some photos
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