Lucky Lucky

Last june, during one of my cousins wedding I met one of my long lost relatives. When I was talking to him, he told me that he was working with the music industry. Not as a musician, but as a technician arranging instruments and setting up things in the studio etc. I thought his work profile was quite different and exciting. But when he said, ‘I have met Rahman sir twice’ I literally begged to him ‘Please take me to him, atleast once’. Sometime early last week, he told me that he has some work in A.R.R’s studio, and asked me if I would come along. He also told me that ‘Sir might or might not be there. I have work only in his studio, and I am not sure if we can meet him’.

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Rain dance

Have you seen the movie ‘Punnagai Mannan’. Or atleast the song ‘Vaan megam’ from that movie? In that song Revathy would be dancing in rain, and the sotta thalai villain would be watching it from his car. It would be raining quite heavily, but the guy will be extremely dry with sandhana pottu etc. I dont know why, but I had the craze of sitting inside a car, at the times of heavy rain. No, I dont want to see anyone dance. After buying a car, I have driven many times during the monsoon. But somehow the rains weren’t that heavy. Until yesterday.

I really felt like a Villain(No, sotta thalai is not the only connection :P) yesterday, watching people struggling in the rain while I was enjoying ๐Ÿ˜€

Access denied

Year : 1999
Place: Besant Nagar Beach

A group of friends are discussing about their future plans. They decide to ask each other one serious question, and find what the other persons opinion is

Questioner to Person 1: Will you settle in India or abroad?
Person 1: Some answer not worth remembering

Questioner to Person 2: Will you live in a joint family?
Person 2: Another answer not worth remembering

Questioner to Person 3: Will you allow your wife to wear mini skirts/shorts etc?
Before Person 3 could answer, Person 2 interferes.
Person 2: Yes yes. I will allow
Questioner: Avan poNdaatiya nee ennada allow paNradhu?

Sigh. Nostalgia!

13 years later

Its been a Nostalgic weekend for me. On Saturday, I got to meet one of my long lost friends Srinath. I know him from 1st standard, and somehow we lost touch after 12th. But it was nice to meet someone after 13 years ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know what people talk, when they meet after 13 years, but we spent some time talking about career/future and majority of the time about our class mates.

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Blogging has been a good friend and companion for me, right from November 2004. Initially, I hardly had any visitors. But things changed, and before I could realize I had many readers. It was good. It was fun. Wait a minute. Its still good. But there are somethings which come along with a blog, that I found it very tough to grasp.

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