3G Enabled

I have been using a 3G enabled phone for quite sometime, but till date did not use it. After coming to Sweden, I was looking at various broadband options and finally settled on 3. Though I have a 3G enabled phone, I had to buy the modem as well. All one needed was a 3G SIM Card. I get to connect to internet at an average speed of 3-4 MBPS with topspeed reaching 6 MBPS at times. Mobile browsing has never been better. Far better than GPRS or EDGE.

I personally feel it would be great if Vodafone and Airtel launch this in India, after the TRAI approves it. Any idea why there is a delay in launching 3G in India? Every 6 months, we get to read news reports that 3G would be launched in 6 months. It will be good, specially for people living in areas where BSNL is the only option! And for people who are on the move πŸ˜‰


Have you tried installing Widsets on your mobile phone? So far there very few applications, but we might get to see more of them soon. I like the Push Email and chat feature applications.

Best is the custom chat application. The connection is via GPRS and you can chat with your friend who has a GPRS connection. You get an exclusive chat window and you can pass on the link to your friend. Instead of multiple sms exchanges during a match or race, this is better. And cheaper πŸ˜‰ Check it out!

Nokia N95 display problem

This is the second time I am facing this problem. I faced it once in September, and the Nokia care replaced the phone with a new phone as they could not fix it. Now once again, the problem repeats. Its so frustrating!

Has anyone used N95 8GB? Is it good. I just ran a comparison with N96 (Upcoming model) and found N95-8GB better.

Delhi, ARR, Vixy

Watching videos on N95 is real fun. Thanks to this site, one can actually download youtube videos in the 3GP or AVI format for their mobile phones. In this way, you can have your own personal oliyum oliyum. It really helps when you are traveling and have some 2 or 3 hours in the middle, when you dont know what to do. Check out Vixy. Its good. Oh yeah, you can also download just the audio from the youtube link in mp3 format.

I was actually waiting for Star Plus to telecast the Delhi concert, to write a post on it. Looks like it might take some more time! Anyways, here are some observations from the concert. Continue reading


You Fring? Me fring πŸ˜€

Its a tool by which you can make voice calls using your mobile phone GPRS. As in, you can call your GTalk/Skype contacts using your GPRS connection. Pretty useful if your friends are abroad. Much cheaper than the international calls. Check it out πŸ˜‰

Movie maker Software

Does anyone know of a good movie maker software? Of course, a free ware. I tried ULead and EditStudio so far.

With ULead, one can’t add scrolling texts to the video πŸ™ And, EditStudio trial version adds a watermark and also introduces a time delay!

Any suggestions?