A request to Mr Vatal Nagaraj

Saar. Vatal Nagaraj Saar. Paruthiveeran Tamil movie released saar. People telling Priyamani acting aaha oho sir. She kannadathu paingili saar. Please allow theatre owners to release this movie saar. You can ban Vijay, Ajith, Simbhu, SJ Surya movies for ever saar. Please saar. All tamil boys good boys saar. They wont create praablem saar. Please allow this movie saar. If you want, ban Sun TV permanently saar. Paruthi Veeran nice in big screen saar. Please saar

Filmfare Awards

Yesterday I saw this ‘Filmfare Awards Ceremony’ on Sony TV. This was the first time I saw this program. I was wondering why they didn’t telecast this live. But after looking at the costumes worn by the stars(?), I found out the reason. What if there had been a wardrobe malfunction? Especially for Preity Zinta, Shilpa Shetty etc.

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Oh god!

I was switching channels, and the movie ‘Vaanavil’ or something was being telecast on KTV. A side heroine or someone was praying in front of piLLayar like this ‘Exam la pass pannina thengai udaikkaren’ etc and finally ‘Gundu chellam la?’!!!!!!!!!!


Guru – Hindi Movie Review

Maniratnam, AR Rahman, Abhishek, Aishwarya, Madhavan, Mithun da, Vidya Balan, Rajeev Menon, Shreekar Prasad. All big names. Do they deliver the goods?

Ofcourse they do! As always, this review would not contain any spoilers.This is one movie, where you can see Mani clearly in two different roles. Director and Producer. Ofcourse he has produced many movies before this, but in this movie you can clearly make out Maniratnam the producer when he doesn’t allow the director to take complete control. In a way that is also fascinating.

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Priya Mani

I was watching some Dhanush-Priya Mani movie on Sun TV for a while. I am seeing her for first time in movie (Have seen only her photos). Nalla irukaaLe. And there seems to be no make up as well. ivaLukku yaen chance kedaikka maatengaradhu? 🙁