Singam 2 review

Last week I had the misfortune of watching Singam 2. Rather than calling it a review I have decided to call it as an experience

Story: 5E.

People who are from Chennai might have heard of the bus 5E. The unique nature of this bus is that after it leaves Vadapalani for the next 1 to 1.5 hours it will always be in KK Nagar. Even jangri’s and jilebi’s will have less spin than this bus route. Singam 2 story is like that. At any given point movie is at same place. Surya will be shouting and fighting.

Screenplay and acting: hey, Hey, HEY, HEYYY!
I initially thought I will split this but since surya’s acting is tightly interwoven with the screenplay, I could not separate it out. Hari is very intelligent. He has got various emotions out of Surya with just one word ‘hey’

Surya doing romance: Imagine you are lifting a heavy sofa along with your spouse or relative. How do you say ‘hey’ at that time. Very softly right? That voice modulation is to show Surya is romantic.

Surya mildly annoyed: Imagine eating pani puri. Just when you have broken the puri, poured the special liquid after stuffing the puri and are about to consume it, the entire puri crumbles. Imagine how annoyed and frustrated you will be. Try saying Hey at that time.

Surya very annoyed: The worst thing traveling by bus for an overnight journey is the lack of toilet options. Imagine you waking up with a full bladder just after the bus has completed its scheduled stop and is rejoining the highway from the roadside dhaba. HEY. Yes exactly. Not everyone will be like panchathanthiram jayaram to say ‘enakku innum aagalai’.

Surya completely annoyed: Imagine you booking a ticket for a good movie but by mistake the movie operator plays bharathiraja’s annakodi instead of the movie you booked. HEYYYY!

So what Hari has done throughout the movie is make Surya say hey,HEYYY,Hey,HEY,hey,HEY,HEY,HEYYYY! And around every ‘hey’ weave a scene. Thatโ€™s all.

Hansika, Anushka etc. It does not matter whether Surya is NCC master, sarakku master or kala master. Anushka and Hansika would have anyway fallen in love with him and sung duets. Infact same tune as in version 1 used by DSP. So whats the point?

This is what Singam 2 is all about. It would have been more apt if the movie had been named as Singam thoo.

Dasavadharam – My view

1. Dasavadharam is a nice movie if you do not assume you are intelligent than Kamalhassan and accept the reality ๐Ÿ™‚ As a Kamal fan I was completely satisfied. It was worth the wait.

2. In ‘Indian’ movie there will be a dialogue ‘Sathyam Theatres la Schindlers list nu oru arumayana padam. Theatre la yaarume irukka maatanga. Polaama?’.

3. MMKR, Anbe Sivam etc with which so called intelligent people are comparing this movie to, were flop movies.

The above statements might may or might may not be related.

Should I say

Wow or Oh no?
Arasaangam has received a good review. Pavithra says the movie is a pleasant surprise. What does a captain fan expect?

1. Bunch dialaag
2. Superhuman fighting
3. Gabtun dalking and walking englees
4. Dance

Fingurs graased!

Machi and Machinichi Statistics

Today evening while watching Thalaivars Vettayadu VeLayadu I observed this.

Actual Movie Duration – 2 hrs 37 minutes
Movie Duration in Sun TV -4 hrs 9 minutes
Advertisements – 40 minutes.
News* – 42 minutes

Movie was between 6.03-6.17, 6.24-6.41, 6.48-7.05, 7.11-7.26, 8.00-8.18, 8.25-8.40, 8.46-9.06, 9.13-9.26, 9.32 to 9.43, 9.49-10.02 and 10.08-10.12

Advertisements were between 6.18-6.23, 6.42-6.47,7.06-7.10,8.19-8.24,8.41-8.45,9.07-9.12,9.27-9.31,9.44-9.48,10.03-10.07

On an average, an advertisement lasted 20 seconds. So totally, we had to endure close to 144 advertisements (Not different advertisements)

The advertisement break can be split into two parts

1. Generic advertisements
2. Adverstiments of sponsors, who sponsored for the movie telecast. E.g. Castrol.

So, on every advertisment break you get to watch general advertisement for first 2 minutes and then the advertisements of the sponsors. Finally, just 1 minute before movie resumes Castrol Active’s ad was shown, followed by other advertisements for a minute.

Every time the movie resumes, it starts some 10 seconds before when it actually stopped. Continuity?

*-I didnt calculate the actual news duration and the advertisment duration during the news break. All times in P.M., IST.

Orkut Banupriya Association

Orkut is acting Ramadoss. Sorry, acting crazy. I get notifications that someone has scrapped, but there is no scrap. Silly orkut.

Yesterday I was watching this movie ‘Chathriyan’. Its a moive starring two of my favorites ‘Captain’ and Banupriya. But this movie got released before Captain became Gaptun. So there is no fun. On the contrary, it is a treat for all Banupriya fans. Do you like the song ‘maalayil Yaaro manadhoadu pesa’? It is one of my alltime favorites.
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Thoovanam is a movie which does not have any item number, separate comedy track, fight sequences or punch dialogues. What starts off as yet another love story, surprised me in the second half. Actually I am finding it quite tough to review the movie without revealing the plot. It is not a suspense movie, but the second half and climax is something that I least expected. These are my views.

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