Trailer : M3V na enna?

Music: Track listing of JTYJN available at BOSS’s site. Rashid ali has played the guitar apart from singing Kabhi Kabhi? Cool!

Comedy: MK announcing an enquiry over phone tapping, and promising action will be taken over minister Poongodhai, if she is found guilty. Ha ha 🙂 Next house ghee, my wife hand?

Tragedy: Poor BBC. They are trying their level best to undermine IPL with the blessings of ECB. Tch Tch. ‘Singh, 27, admitted his guilt over the incident with his India team-mate, which occurred in a domestic Twenty20 league match in April. ‘ Domestic league eh? What else can you expect from a site that reports F1 results with headlines like ‘Jenson Button fights hard for 17th place, while Schumacher comes first’. County cricket kku aapu. Sangu oodhiyachu doi.

They are like that only

Nokia service centre gave me a spare mobile, till they correct my N95. The spare mobile looked really used and done with. The keypad is gone, and the torch light gets switched on automatically at irregular intervals. The best part of the mobile, to me, is the messages saved by the previous owner.

Q: Why we have so many temples if god is everywhere?
A: Air is everywhere, but we need a fan to feel it.

And one more
There is no good or bad in this world. Its all in your thinking. What people call congestion in a bus, becomes atmosphere in a disco.

I was not sure if the previous owner was a guy or a girl. I had my doubts. But when I saw the message template section today my doubts got cleared. There was this message stored in the middle of other Nokia standard messages like ‘Sorry I am not able to take your call’, ‘I will be late’ etc. It definitely was a guy, who used this mobile. Because, the message that was stored read

‘R U Angry?’ A sentence no girl would have uttered in her life, leave alone storing it in the mobile.


Yesterdays Hindu editorial was about the arrogance of IPL.

After all, where will professional sport be without media support, cooperation, and goodwill? Greed and arrogance and a total lack of common sense seem to be driving the IPL along a path of confrontation, which will surely bring on a media boycott.

And this man talks abouts being arrogant.

Revealing Tamil Culture

I found this post in chennai metblogs. It seems some people were offended that Shriya wore a revealing dress for the function. And hold your breath, it offended the tamil culture.

1. What is tamil culture?
2. Is it ok if the dresses are revealing in the movie? But if the same dress is worn in the public, for the awards ceremony of the same movie, it is against tamil culture?
3. If Shriyas dresses are revealing what about the costumes worn by people in that Thamizh Kolaignar TV dance program ‘Machaan mayilaada’ judged by Namitha?
4. What is Hindu Makkal Katchi? Is it run by ‘The Hindu’?

One thing is for sure. I dont know if Shriyas dress revealed anything. But the incident revealed the hypocrisy of many people 😉

Tata Car

As expected the environ’mental’ists have started crying because the Tata 1 lakh car is out. Why should the 1 lakh car alone be banned? Why not ban all the cars?

I have a better suggestion. Let all the people who talk about global warming and environment, hold their breath for a day. World will be a cooler place.

Cleavage post

1. Jodha Akbar music gets released.
2. Lots of celebrities attend the show.
3. All 5 songs from the movie are played to the audience.

This is what happened in Mumbai, yesterday. Now what do you expect when you read a report on this function? About the movie? Its music? No.

This is what TOI says.
“Sonu Niigaam seemed to make up for the well-covered event by his cleavage show as he strutted around in a body-hugging tee.”