Lock kiya jaye?

It seems KBC guys are asking for a suggestion for the tamil version of ‘lock kiya jaye’

My suggestions

1. Thattidalaama sir?
2. Poaturalaama madam?
3. Can I amukks?
4. Vikram movie Janagaraj style ‘kitta vaayyaaaa’. lock button ‘kitta vaayyaaaa’.
5. lock aa simha narasimha current saakaa?
6. veetla sollitu vandhuteengala?
7. enakkoru unmai therinjaaganum. lock panlaama venaama?
8. Gandha kannazhagi, aa left la konjam poosu. right la konjam poosu. lock button amukks

Why supporting Anna Hazare is a bad idea?

Alright. This is my opinion. If you are a die hard fan of Anna, you can save the time by not reading this and instead light a candle.

1. The current government is elected by us. Now who elected Anna? What makes everyone think he can decide on civil society? Who appointed Anna as the sole custodian of civil society?
2. Why would someone so serious against corruption, plan for a 30 day fast? Will fasting for 30 days resolve corruption? Why not for 1 day? Or 300 days? And if you look at all his activities, they are perfectly suited for 247 news channels. Barkha Dutt talking about anti corruption is the biggest joke of the decade.
3. Basic assumption of Anna is that 542 parliamentarians are corrupt whereas every single Indian is pure and believes everything that is white is milk. This is a totally flawed logic to build your anti corruption campaign on.
4. Who does Anna report to? Who will review what he does? Do public get a chance to review his work?
5. A Raja, a former minister, Kanimozhi daughter of a powerful man, Kalmadi yet another powerful man. All of them are in Jail. JJ is facing a hearing in Bangalore shortly for a case against her. Yeddy has stepped down and he is going to be questioned now. Except for Gandhi family, which corrupt politician has escaped the clutches of law? Now what will Lokpal achieve?
6. Will it not set a wrong precedent? Tomorrow can all service providers protest for a paypal bill and take the country by ransom?
7. I see people telling TV cameras that they have bunked work or college or school to support Anna. Integrity anyone? Do you trust such people to come up with anything useful?


8. Baba Ramdev also protested against corruption right? So what special qualities or superpowers Anna has over Baba?

Anna has planned really well to get a nobel prize or some award and get his name etched on history books for ever. Well played.

What on earth?

I received quite a few forwards and text messages on this earth hour. I do not understand one thing. It makes sense to switch off the electrical equipments if you get uninterrupted power supply for the entire 365 days. When that is not the case, and when BESCOM(Replace with your local electricity board) plugs out 1 hour on an average every day why on earth should I switch off?

Earth day concept in India is Rejetted!

Google Chrome

So far so good. The first page is good. Neat. Simple. But I do not like it displaying my browsing pattern when I open a new tab. Hmmmm. Guess that can be customized.

Tamil fonts work really well without any workarounds!

Incognito is really cool. To quote Google

‘You’ve gone incognito. Pages you view in this window won’t appear in your browser history or search history, and they won’t leave other traces, like cookies, on your computer after you close the incognito window. Any files you download or bookmarks you create will be preserved, however’


Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with this

Lets all be together (With 69 % reservation).

Lets try to maintain our harmony and not let the terrorists win. They can never win (They will get bored of killing Indians after a point of time.)

We must be united against Terrorists (Manchester United?)

The paths of peace and compromise can be complex and difficult. (Yes no one knows it) Continue reading

War cry

Congress agents err I meant CNN-IBN, have this article on their website as the headline.

“Terrorism continues to rear its ugly head in our midst,” he said in his speech. “It remains the single biggest threat to our stability. We cannot afford to lose the battle against the ideology of hatred and against all those who seek to destroy our social and societal (values),” he was quoted as saying by the agencies.

Is this war cry? Seruppu waru kooda idhoda effective aa irukum. I think Manmohan Singh cannot act like an innocent economist anymore. Eppavo sayam veLuthu poachu.

I heard

Kalaignar TV on 17th July 2008

10 to 10.30 PM – Comedy time
10.30 PM – CM appears live and announces that they all will go on fast on 19th, to remind the central government about solving the fishermen getting killed issue.
10.45 PM – Comedy time continues.

Is DMK a part of UPA?
Will all shops be closed on 19th? Voluntarily ofcourse
Will buses etc run?
Is Vijayakanth becoming that popular in TN?

Please explain

“But our party’s understanding is that our fight against communalism is not by conjuring up an opportunistic alliance on the basis of numbers. Our fight against communalism is on the basis of alternative policies. We believe you can never fight communalism by taking a right-wing shift either in foreign policies or national economic policies which is exactly what the government is doing.”

Brinda Karat.

Enakku Puriyalai.

Shivraj Patil

“You want Afzal Guru to be hanged. (At the same time) you are saying that don’t hang a person who has gone to Pakistan (Singh),” Patil told reporters in Latur on Tuesday.

“These people want others to be hanged. What are you doing? You are saying don’t hang that person (Singh) and you say hang this person (Guru) here,” Patil said and added that law would take its own course.

Sarabjit Singh’s case is one of mistaken identity. How can one equate that with a terrorist? And we have such a person as a home minister. No wonder the terrorists are feeling at home over here and attacking quite frequently. I think UPA can change its name to TPA. Terrorist Protection Alliance.

BTW, Afzal Guru is an Indian Citizen.