There is still hope…

…for justice in this country. These guys will surely win in the next hearing by someway or other, but am loving every time this government is being warned by the Supreme Court.

And am terribly disappointed that the Bandh call in TN did not have any impact in the Supreme Court. How dare they pass such a judgement? Anyways Periyar and Anna will appear in Kalaignar’s dreams for the next sequence of steps. So Tamilians needn’t worry.

Meanwhile, why is Rahul Gandhi quiet on this issue? I expect him to say something like ‘Our family only formed the Supreme Court. If we say, they will agree’ or some thing like that. He is doing which no politician could do in the past 60 years or so. That is single handedly exposing the true color of Gandhi family 😉 Way to go, Rahul! And will Sonia ask the UPA government to resign, since a great injustice has been done to the nation? Or the resignation stunt is only during times of election? Hmmm?

P.S. The data submitted by the government to the supreme court was taken when Karunanidhi was 8 years old 🙂

Bandh tomorrow in TN

…protesting against Supreme Court’s stay. Very good. A Bandh will always solve the issue, which so many legal experts and concerned people cannot solve. We have so many problems. Cauvery problem, Lankan tamils problem, Naxalite proble, terrorist problem and many more. Why not do bandh on all 365 days of the year? It will solve all the problem right?

And why has the Supreme Court said so?
‘”We are of the view that the impugned notification and enforcing the reservation for OBCs in the educational institutions must be put on hold as the Government has failed to provide any authentic or reliable data to justify its policy of reservation”

Why can’t they provide data, instead of Bandh and other anti social activities? 🙂

When the communists protest

…and the Trade Unions oppose something, then something good is bound to happen. In a welcome move, Tamilnadu government is planning to hire luxury buses from private operators and introduce them on inter state routes. Its high time they did something to the buses. Once upon a time, Tamilnadu boasted one of the best bus services in the country. But the problem is, we still have the same ‘once upon a time’ buses!

As always trade unions feel, exactly the opposite.

“Why should the Government lend its brand to a private bus operator? This amounts to privatisation in a different sense. Instead, we can go for a soft loan to purchase luxury buses in a phased manner. Steps should be taken to curb the omni bus menace in the State as contract coaches are being operated on regular routes, which is illegal.”

Omni bus menace? Menace for whom, mister? These guys should travel atleast once in these state express transport buses. Its almost equivalent to pariticipating in a Go-Karting race!

Government should ignore these unions and go ahead with plans that benefit the common man, than these greedy unions!