In Kalaignar TV there was a program on Chennai Sangamam today morning. Atleast when I was watching, MK was seriously watching a special song/dance sequence on ‘Oppaari’. How apt?

Heartfelt condolences…

1. The family who lost their kin in the attack on Dinakaran.
2. Raj TV.
3. Spectrum Raja.

Meanwhile P Chidambaram has successfully accomplished something immediately after taking over as Home Minister. He resolved the differences in MK’s home. Which home next? Ambani?

I heard

Kalaignar TV on 17th July 2008

10 to 10.30 PM – Comedy time
10.30 PM – CM appears live and announces that they all will go on fast on 19th, to remind the central government about solving the fishermen getting killed issue.
10.45 PM – Comedy time continues.

Is DMK a part of UPA?
Will all shops be closed on 19th? Voluntarily ofcourse
Will buses etc run?
Is Vijayakanth becoming that popular in TN?

Please explain

“But our party’s understanding is that our fight against communalism is not by conjuring up an opportunistic alliance on the basis of numbers. Our fight against communalism is on the basis of alternative policies. We believe you can never fight communalism by taking a right-wing shift either in foreign policies or national economic policies which is exactly what the government is doing.”

Brinda Karat.

Enakku Puriyalai.

Shivraj Patil

“You want Afzal Guru to be hanged. (At the same time) you are saying that don’t hang a person who has gone to Pakistan (Singh),” Patil told reporters in Latur on Tuesday.

“These people want others to be hanged. What are you doing? You are saying don’t hang that person (Singh) and you say hang this person (Guru) here,” Patil said and added that law would take its own course.

Sarabjit Singh’s case is one of mistaken identity. How can one equate that with a terrorist? And we have such a person as a home minister. No wonder the terrorists are feeling at home over here and attacking quite frequently. I think UPA can change its name to TPA. Terrorist Protection Alliance.

BTW, Afzal Guru is an Indian Citizen.

Bandh – Some observations

*If fast means not eating anything between 9 and 11.30 A.M. then I guess 90 % of the world fasts every day. Thank god, they didn’t say that the fast was between 10 PM and 6 AM.

*Some people might get irritated by the comparison of MK with Gandhi. But then, it might be Sonia or Rahul Gandhi πŸ˜› And not Mahatma Gandhi. So be cool πŸ˜‰

*If people didnt come out of their house on their own, who broke the windows of hotels and commercial establishments? Is it like the hotel owners were renovating the windows and that was misinterpreted as breaking glass? πŸ™‚

*Prakash Karat says that protesting is peoples right. Yeah right. What happened in Nandigram?

*Will MK find out the caste of the Supreme Court Judge and say, he is casteist?

*Why didn’t TASMAC participate in the Bandh?

*Why didn’t Kalaignar TV, Makkal TV employees etc participate in the Bandh? The channels could have stopped airing for the day no?

*In which law college did MK, Arcot Veerasamy, TR Balu etc study to talk about law? πŸ˜›

Yet another blast

Yet another appeal for calm
Yet another red alert across the country
Yet another strongly condemning statements(Well even the statements are’nt strong. Forget the action)
Yet another finger pointing at some terrorist group
Yet another media frenzy (Soon to be overtaken by Sanju baba’s return to jail and Salman’s activities at the jail)

Hmmm. Will things improve? Does someone care? It didn’t happen to you or me right? Why bother? πŸ™

Calling attention of Human Rights Activists

TADA court has sentenced the innocent people to death. And another reformed innocent peace loving actor to 6 years RI. Please protest against this harsh decision by the court. Please do something before our Prime Minister loses his sleep thinking about the family of people who are sentenced by the TADA court.

Please give lengthy lectures to that Sardesai fellow and other news channels on how Terrorism can be curtailed by pardoning the terrorists, and setting them free. Please buy candles by the dozen, and light it everywhere. Please protest in Jantar Mantar and cause nuisance to the public. Please ask Kerala Government to pass a resolution against the judge, and thereby show support for the sentenced.

Please ask Arundhati Roy to say something in this topic abusing the Indian Police and Judiciary. Please give jadoo ki jappi to all the sentenced, and help them. Please do something.