*In the election of Modi Vs Media, Modi won. BJP, Congress etc didn’t count. Media bites the dust, again! Wonderful. We still have hope.
*Rajnath Singh is the most interesting choice for the post of a party president after Sitaram Kesari. And it is fun watching Venkiah Naidu speak. Who prepares his speeches? You can recommend the person to your political enemies.
*Glad to see that Rahul Gandhi is a huge flop. First UP, next Gujarat. Hope the trend continues.
*UPA will be terrorized. Communists will keep their tail in between their legs, and keep quiet. So no elections till 2009, hopefully. Good
*Thanks to the media boom, I get to know how silly I was few years back. I cant believe I actually liked people like Prannoy Roy, Rajdeep Sardesai etc. I need to do something to remove this theetu. It was hilarious watching the bewlidered reaction of TV anchors, when the results kept pouring in. Especially that Times Now guy(That bespectacled guy), who couldn’t hide his displeasure over the results.
*Nice to see Manmohan Singh calling and wishing Modi. Good.
*Sonia Gandhi. Ha ha ha. And could anyone understand what Jayanthi Natarajan, Singhvi, Sibal etc blabbered?
*How will the Hindu editorial be? I am sure Ram will get angry if people compare Gujarat with West Bengal. He might say something like ‘WB is best, Gujarata people were afraid etc’.
*I am not sure what Tehelka will do next? Modi drugged every voter and remotely controlled the voting machines by using wireless? 😛 Ha ha.
*What will jagadguru say?

Dear Media

I hereby challenge you to write/present an article on Indias Tour to Australia without mentioning these things

1. Last tour for famous five
2. Weak Indian bowling
3. Down under
4. Will Sehwag open?
5. Pace and bouncy tracks
6. No fast tracks in India
7. Only 1 tour game

Tell something, which we all don’t know. Thank you.

Amitabh apologises

According to this report

“MUMBAI: Actor Amitabh Bachchan on Sunday apologised for the scuffle between media and security guards outside his residence here that left three photojournalists injured.”

I saw this disgusting episode on television. Aishwarya and Abhishek were on a car, and the car was trying to enter Amitabh’s house. Media people tried to run behind the car and get inside the house. Now what does the media expect the security guards to do? Open the gates so that they can enter? Or give everyone a friendly hug and say please don’t come? So isn’t it the mistake of the cameraman who tried to enter the house, when he very well knows he is not allowed?

Why should Amitabh apologize for this? Because he is in a industry that needs the help of media? Will someone expect Indian Railways to apologize to the person, who gets hit while trying to cross the railway track? If you want to break the law, better be prepared to pray the price for it!

Union Budget 2007-08

The caption for this was ‘Finance Minister smiles as he leaves the office’. So? Can’t he smile? What do you expect him to do? Maybe the security guards of FM should throw stones at these photographers, rather at people who come up with such 1 liners for the photos.

Yesterday I saw another article on ‘Whats inside Chidambaram’s briefcase?’. Times now or IBN. Silly folks I say. If these people do such things, what will we spoofers do? And then, there is this headline. Reading FM’s lips!! Psst. Look at the URL, ok?

On a different note, rediff has come up with list of items that will be cheaper. Watch dials, Umbrellas, pan masala without tobocco etc. So, will we have a panel comprising of people from these industries tonight?

Naansense people!

Methods of Torture – 1

Make someone watch a Hindi News Channel, especially Zee News, for 30 minutes.

Its a torture I tell you. I happened to watch this channel last Saturday whilst having dinner. It seems Big B’s family were in Uttar Pradesh to attend Amar Singh’s birthday party or whatever. This channel went mad. They were showing pictures right from the moment, Big B entered out of the airport till he got back. Add to it, Aishwarya has been christened as Uttar Pradesh ki Bahu. Thank god they weren’t in Haridwar or Rishikesh!

As days goes by, I really wonder how media will cover any news concerning A & A. We all are in for a nightmare, I feel. Is there no end to this breaking news craze?

Advertisements on Television

There is a new television channel called ‘Neo TV’. Does this belong to BCCI? It is so stupid that makes one feel that it MUST belong to BCCI. There was an advertisement, that caught my attention. A west indian (No, not a Maharashtrian or Gujju couple) on a boat. The boatman is an Indian. Suddenly the boatman will get up, and strip. In lieu with Indian culure, they don’t show the stripping(thankfully!). And that fellow will jump into water and swim away, leaving the couple stranded. Then a caption is displayed ‘It is tough beating a West Indian in India’. And then, the advertisement for India-West Indian series! Nonsense!

Why is that all cricket related ads are dumb? Let it be that blue billion thing or this one! Now what will be the ad for India-Srilanka series? Leave a Srilankan couple stranded on an elephant?

Can someone define love?

No, I am not smitten. Nor am I a Devdas! Some cool dude has this most important question, and rediff is helping him.

Someone says
Love is two hearts with one song
Love is four eyes with one vision

Someone else says
Its a feeling of making other person comfortable…without thinking the consequences

Go post some funny responses there!


7 lakh Indians are worth more than 100,000 $ says rediff. I have always wondered about these kinds of statistics. Do they benefit anyone apart from the one who collected the data? Come March and April, there will be more statistics. Salaries have gone up by 15 % this year. This has gone down by this %. That has gone up by that % It’s very similar to the data provided by this airline pilots, when the flight is somewhere in mid air. They announce things like ‘It is -45 degrees Celsius outside and for your comfort we have maintained the temperature at 20 degrees Celsius’. ‘We are 20000 feet above sea level’. So what mister? What difference does it make to any one? It makes sense when they announce about turbulence, or delay in landing.

And worse, I forgot which newspaper. Times of India or Indian Express conducted a survey on whether Aishwarya Rai was the right match for Abhishek. And they displayed the results with bar charts, pie charts and what not? Silly!

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