War cry

Congress agents err I meant CNN-IBN, have this article on their website as the headline.

“Terrorism continues to rear its ugly head in our midst,” he said in his speech. “It remains the single biggest threat to our stability. We cannot afford to lose the battle against the ideology of hatred and against all those who seek to destroy our social and societal (values),” he was quoted as saying by the agencies.

Is this war cry? Seruppu waru kooda idhoda effective aa irukum. I think Manmohan Singh cannot act like an innocent economist anymore. Eppavo sayam veLuthu poachu.

Rajd Sard

CNN-IBN guys talk so highly about morality and everything. But at this moment, as I type this post, rediff lists the evidence. Not a single mention about it in CNN-IBN web site. So much for holding a moral high ground eh? The only indication anything like this happened can be found from this article.

However, legal experts say the BJP MPs could get into trouble for accepting the bribe.

Cant they can publish this news without agreeing or disagreeing to what Arun Jaitley says? This fellow Rajd Sard and his group of comedians write stuff like this.

I just had a word with my editor-in-chief. He seemed quite disgusted. And he had every right to be. An hour back, there was a newsbreak that Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav had held a press conference to announce to the world that his MPs were being lured to vote against the Manmohan Singh government on the floor of the House. And the price offered was between Rs 25 and Rs 30 crores. The previous day, two MPs alleged that they had been contacted, and a price tag was attached to their votes if they decide to oblige the Opposition.

My editor-in-chief might be very angry with the state of affairs in the corridors of power, we as a member of the enlightened civil society might be disillusioned with our democracy, but an ordinary citizen is just not worried.

So it is actually the opposition who tried horse trading? Very nice 🙂 And who is the editor in chief here? Rajd Sard. Why is he frustrated? Isn’t it the same guy who beamed in pride ‘The live pictures you see are seen all over the world. Via CNN-IBN’, when many people were killed in the 7th July bomb blast? Why was he frustrated?

And now when there is actually a sting operation which actually sounds quite interesting, his channel chickens out in the last minute. Why? By any chance were they trying to showcase that BJP was trying to buy SP and it actually backfired? 🙂 God knows 🙂 Or is it like what K says here?

Atleast Sun TV, Makkal TV and Hindu openly embrace their parties.

P.S. If Tamilnadu can be Tamilnaad, Rajdeep Sardesai can be Rajd Sard.


Yesterdays Hindu editorial was about the arrogance of IPL.

After all, where will professional sport be without media support, cooperation, and goodwill? Greed and arrogance and a total lack of common sense seem to be driving the IPL along a path of confrontation, which will surely bring on a media boycott.

And this man talks abouts being arrogant.


Dinamalar Editor has been arrested for defaming a school teacher(principal?). It seems Dinamalar had written that the Principal helped the students in copying during examinations. Very good. Serves them right. They should have been arrested long back for the kind of Moral Policing and other things they were doing.

Meanwhile, what happened to their influence? They were the unofficial Murasoli for past few months and even went ahead and published a ‘Nellai maaNaadu special’. Tch Tch. So sad.

And the best part is, this news appeared in the chinese national newspaper published from chennai.

Machi and Machinichi Statistics

Today evening while watching Thalaivars Vettayadu VeLayadu I observed this.

Actual Movie Duration – 2 hrs 37 minutes
Movie Duration in Sun TV -4 hrs 9 minutes
Advertisements – 40 minutes.
News* – 42 minutes

Movie was between 6.03-6.17, 6.24-6.41, 6.48-7.05, 7.11-7.26, 8.00-8.18, 8.25-8.40, 8.46-9.06, 9.13-9.26, 9.32 to 9.43, 9.49-10.02 and 10.08-10.12

Advertisements were between 6.18-6.23, 6.42-6.47,7.06-7.10,8.19-8.24,8.41-8.45,9.07-9.12,9.27-9.31,9.44-9.48,10.03-10.07

On an average, an advertisement lasted 20 seconds. So totally, we had to endure close to 144 advertisements (Not different advertisements)

The advertisement break can be split into two parts

1. Generic advertisements
2. Adverstiments of sponsors, who sponsored for the movie telecast. E.g. Castrol.

So, on every advertisment break you get to watch general advertisement for first 2 minutes and then the advertisements of the sponsors. Finally, just 1 minute before movie resumes Castrol Active’s ad was shown, followed by other advertisements for a minute.

Every time the movie resumes, it starts some 10 seconds before when it actually stopped. Continuity?

*-I didnt calculate the actual news duration and the advertisment duration during the news break. All times in P.M., IST.

Cleavage post

1. Jodha Akbar music gets released.
2. Lots of celebrities attend the show.
3. All 5 songs from the movie are played to the audience.

This is what happened in Mumbai, yesterday. Now what do you expect when you read a report on this function? About the movie? Its music? No.

This is what TOI says.
“Sonu Niigaam seemed to make up for the well-covered event by his cleavage show as he strutted around in a body-hugging tee.”


This news is real.
Two members of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) suicide squad, who apparently wanted to target Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati, were on Sunday killed in an encounter with Special Task Force (STF) of state police at Dewa road on Lucknow-Barabanki border.

Now lets replace the leader and the group who tried to kill the leader(?). Replace Mayawati with Narendra Modi. And read the same news item 😉 What will happen?

Lets come down south. Replace leader with JJ and the group with LTTE. What will happen? MK will write a poem 🙂

Finally, replace Mayawati with Sonia or Rahul. Terrorism will be resolved in India once and for all.

BTW, where is Arundhati Roy? Why is she not talking about the human rights of the LeT group?