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There are quite a few posts which are in the draft status. Instead of completing them, I think I will just copy paste parts of it.

*This is the remix season, not just for songs but also for movies. I was thinking of remaking the wonderful movie ‘Mudhal Mariyadhai’ with Prabhu in the lead role. Radhika will do the vadivukarasi role. And those days Radha without blouse was a rage. But now it is a rage only if some heroine wears the blouse. So we will have Mallika Sherawat fully covered and play the Radha role. There will be a remix of the song ‘Poongatru thirumbuma’ in typical yo yo style with lyrics like
‘Hey babe are you that kuyil
Do you know I am 10 standard fail?
Adi Nee dhaana andha kuyil’

*Dear NN,

I love being alone. Not that I do not like others company, but I prefer sometime for myself. Next month am getting married. Once am married, can I tell my wife whenever I feel like being alone? Or will she misunderstand?
Please help
-Single Perumal, Singaperumal Kovil TamilNadu

Dear Single Perumal,
Please do not spoil your life by uttering words like ‘I would like some time for myself” or ‘I want to be alone for sometime’. Its quite risky. Instead ask your wife to join some paatu class, violin class, dance class or something. Even if she is working, ask her to join something like this. So that you will get 1 hour free time atleast once in 3 days. Better, join a gym. You will be alone and fit as well, and if your lucky get to show off your six pack 😛

Time to change…

…the WordPress template. Old one was good. But somehow that green font was odd. I didn’t like it that much. I like white. I like it simple. I chose this template, as it suited my needs.

So how do you like it? Hope its easier on the eye, like the other templates I have chosen 😉 Now that am restarting He She series, its better I revamp the house before they enter 😛

Is it loading faster ?

As always thanks to the Chef for his tips and tricks!

P.S. All the images are taken by me, except for the about page. Will try to change the images once in a month from my flickr album.

Dear Searcher

Dear Google Searcher,

1.நான் அக்கா தங்கச்சி கூட பிறக்கலை. (I don’t have any sisters). I really don’t know the difference and can’t help you with this query.
2. Though your question is hilarious, I wonder why are you searching for this now? In ‘thai maasam‘?