Yet another blast

Yet another appeal for calm
Yet another red alert across the country
Yet another strongly condemning statements(Well even the statements are’nt strong. Forget the action)
Yet another finger pointing at some terrorist group
Yet another media frenzy (Soon to be overtaken by Sanju baba’s return to jail and Salman’s activities at the jail)

Hmmm. Will things improve? Does someone care? It didn’t happen to you or me right? Why bother? πŸ™

Buying cow in TamilNadu

Ready reckoner for buying cow.

1. According to Tamil culture, the buyer and seller should hold hands. Rather fingers
2. Cover the hands with towel
3. Buyer catches finger of the seller. If he catches 3 fingers then 3000. 2 fingers, 2000 Rs. Or rather, in multiples of the no of fingers caught
4. Even the seller can catch the finger first

Now don’t ask me why I posted this. Information is wealth πŸ˜›

Blue lungi, shooo

Finally after lots of struggle, I got over the image of SJ Suryah and Nila in Blue Lungi and am able to enjoy Mayilirage.

If Naresh Iyer and Madhushri sing this song during the concerts in USA, record the video for me. Ok? Since both are a part of the concert, I think this song might be featured πŸ™‚

What next? Get over the kiraap vacha aunty walking here and there in switzerland, so that I can enjoy ‘New York Nagaram’.

Music Phone

We all know love is blind. But does music also make one blind? That too with these iPods, Music phones like Sony Ericsson, Nokia etc. At least I think so from what I am seeing off late. Most people working in IT companies, have to endure long boring journeys every day. They listen to music to beat the boredom.

But I don’t understand, why they use Music as a mode of committing suicide? Who in his/her right mind will listen to music while crossing road? That too at a busy junction like BTM water tank or south end circle? Lesser said about the people talking on phone, whilst crossing the road. Dude! Hands free is nice and good. But please take your life seriously. Its not cool getting hit by a speeding vehicle!

In the past 10 days I have observed at least 5 to 6 people who would have been run over by speeding vehicles. And all of them had the earphone glued to their ears. Silly people, I say!

Microlending – Non Profit Organization

Purni writes in

‘I would like to bring to your notice It is a fantastic non-profit organization that has it roots in Microlending. They facilitate small loans to people in poverty stricken countries like Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria. Please read more about them in their website. Microlending as you know is the concept that fetched the Nobel Peace prize for Muhammad Yunus’s Grameen Bank.

I recently came to know that this movement of Microlending is starting to take shape in India too.

Please spread the word in your blog. Let people who want to do their bit, start making the difference.’

Vatsan adds
‘u shud also add SKS Microfinance as one of the pioneers of microlending in india. It is amongst the few companies which have made a profit and arent making losses. its founder was in the time list of 100 young entreprenuers or something. chk that lnk for more details ‘

Have a look at that post. it mentions SKS launching an IPO. that is the crux of microfinance, profit and making money πŸ™‚ Not philanthropy as kiva does. and this post also mentions unitus uve linked to is a microfinance fund, providing money for start ups, rather than a full fledged microfinance institution


You travel by train. You find a very pretty girl next to you. After a while, you start talking to her. She introduces herself as Ms M**** Takkar. Yes. Takkar! You just cant laugh, and have to keep a straight face. Life is cruel, I tell you!


Am at this amazing hotel at Haridwar. Sometime back, I was watching this channel ‘Filmy’. They were playing some songs calling them as ‘Yesteryear classics’. Songs from Dil Chahta hai, Adnan Sami music videos and that anil kapoor,kajol movie. The movie that ‘Priyamanavale’ was copied from.

Anyways, all these songs reminds me of my time in Pune. When me and my flatmates bought TV for the first time. That was the time when all these movies were released. Especially Dil Chahta Hai. Though there is nothing similar to that movie and my real life, I can relate a lot to that movie. And there is this Metro travels in pune. And mumbai-pune expressway had been just inaugurated. This bus used to take that route. They used to play this Anil Kapoor movie. I think, unfortunately, thats the movie I have seen the maximum πŸ™ I still like that ‘Kabhi to nazar milao’ album of Adnan Sami. ‘Tera Chehra’ was also good, but I liked ‘Kabhi to Nazar milao’ album more. And all these have become yesteryear classics now πŸ™‚ Those days! Sigh! Now that I have jumped into Nostalgia, I thinks its better to jump into the Ganges to get back to reality!