Medhai – Review

Statutory warning:

This movie has been reviewed by experts who have watched multiple Ramarajan, Krodham Prem, Captain, TR movies in the past. Please do not try to watch this movie without expert guidance, and professional training.

2002 was when Ramarajan’s last movie got released. By 2002 blogs were not that popular, and when blogs were popular there were no Ramarajan movies to review. Think of the plight of a Ramarajan fan who has his review ready, but there is no movie to review. But before getting into the movie review, let me answer the question asked by many people right from Baba Ramdev to the local CD guy who asked me ‘Enna bossu Ramarajan DVD ellam kekkareenga’ on why someone should watch a Ramarajan movie.
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I am interested in events, where breakfast comprises of mallipoo idli, chutney, dosai, pongal, vadai ,kesari and filter kaapi. Followed by a juice say an hour later, and then lunch comprising of paruppu usili couple of hours later.

Am not interested in iPad, iPhone, 3G, 4G, 12G(KK Nagar to Anna Square) events. Thank you!

Naxalite Express – Bangalore to Chennai

I think Indian Railways can rename the Bangalore Chennai Shatabdi express to Naxalite express. Reasons:

1. No care about safety.
2. Civilian safety at risk.

I would advice anyone not to travel by this train. The condition of the coaches are worser than any mode of transport one can imagine. Worst part is they charge more than the mysore shatabdi which has far better coaches.

Maybe Arundhati Roy can flag off the train once it is renamed as Naxal express.

Very hot in Bangalore

In JP nagar 9th phase, Bangalore there is a road called Amruth Nagar Main Road. This Amruth Nagar is there for more than 100 years.

It seems a guy called Anjan lived there around 90 years ago. He was a very popular guy. And one day he suffered from severe headache and nothing could cure him. And he didn’t know what to do . His wife who was cooking that time felt that if she applies something hot he will be alright and in the heat of the moment she mixed ghee, haldi(manjal) and stuff and applied it on Anjan’s forehead.

And to everyone’s surprise his headache got cured. And they named the combination balm Amrutanjan.


…when you think you have seen it all, god reminds you with some amazing statements

Since I couldn’t find time to organize my thoughts about what I call as “Sensible Capitalism”, I am linking to related articles in the mean time.

They are like that only

Nokia service centre gave me a spare mobile, till they correct my N95. The spare mobile looked really used and done with. The keypad is gone, and the torch light gets switched on automatically at irregular intervals. The best part of the mobile, to me, is the messages saved by the previous owner.

Q: Why we have so many temples if god is everywhere?
A: Air is everywhere, but we need a fan to feel it.

And one more
There is no good or bad in this world. Its all in your thinking. What people call congestion in a bus, becomes atmosphere in a disco.

I was not sure if the previous owner was a guy or a girl. I had my doubts. But when I saw the message template section today my doubts got cleared. There was this message stored in the middle of other Nokia standard messages like ‘Sorry I am not able to take your call’, ‘I will be late’ etc. It definitely was a guy, who used this mobile. Because, the message that was stored read

‘R U Angry?’ A sentence no girl would have uttered in her life, leave alone storing it in the mobile.


Pre requisite: You must be well versed with Tambram (Not Tambaram) wedding customs.
Inspiration for this post –> This post by Krish Ashok 🙂

When you say Robot, people in my age group would remember the DD Serial ‘Giant Robot’. Later we even had a Tamil serial on Robots. Who can forget one finger Krishna rao, posing as a Robot? I am not sure if that serial (Amlu?) was for introducing the concept of Robots to Tamilians, or for introducing the safety measures one has to adhere to whilst handling LPG cylinders. The only thing I remember from that serial is ‘One finger’ dying after eating (?) a LPG cylinder. After that it has been a long wait. I absolutely have no idea when Shankar’s Robot is going to be released, or what it is going to contain, but here are my (Rather Machi group of Companies) plans for the future. For certain things we will use robots, and for certain things there will be special devices.

If you observe, the most important thing in any Tambram festival is the ‘Madi’ factor. But involving many human beings dilutes the madi factor. To avoid that, we are planning to introduce a series of Madi robots to keep the culture and customs intact. Robots don’t wear any clothes, so there is nothing to worry about their Madiness. Secondly, Robots don’t eat food and there is no ‘Paththu’ factor.
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Valentine Day Forward

It is that time of the year, where you get to receive loads of emails with messages on why you should love and all sorts of stuff. Where do such emails originate? What goes behind the scenes? Machi TV caught up with Mr Matter Mahadevan, who is an expert in sending such mails. Matter teaches us how to go about it.
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Pakkoda Nostalgia

Heavy Rain. Eat Mundhiri pakkoda. Schools closed. Postpone homework. Eat Mundhiri pakkoda. Play in rain. Feel guilty about homework nextday evening. Visit Pillayara temple. Come home. Eat Mundhiri pakkoda. Power cut. Finish homework in candle/raandhal(spelling?) light. Sleep listening to thavalai satham. It is nostalgic, but I dont miss my school days. Never. No homework. Phew. Life is good now. Now it is only work from home 😀

Brothers and Sisters

You walk into a Men’s store called ‘Brothers’. You keep looking at all nice T Shirts and shirts. One look at the price tag, you realise its not worth it. You keep walking straight. And suddenly, you realise you are in the Lingerie section. How on earth does a mens store have a
lingerie section, you wonder. You turn back and struggle to find the way you came in. And its already few seconds since you have been in the lingerie section. There are lots of women. You try to run away, if only you can find the entrance. You encounter a saleswoman who asks
‘Yes sir, can you please let me know what are you looking for?’. You say ‘Err. The exit?. She giggles and points the way. When you walk out, you hear few girls giggle behind your back. Once you get out, you look at the shop name. It is ‘Sisters’. You realise Brothers and Sisters are connected, not only in real life, but also in the shop.

Life is cruel, I tell you!