02/03/2008 02/03/2008

Yesterday, I had been to this island Donso near Göteborg along with my friends. Initially we had planned to visit the island in the morning, but thanks to the weather we could check it out only in the late afternoon. I got to see a gorgeous sunset after quite sometime. Here are some selected photographs from Donso
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Gunnebo 16/02/2008

Last weekend, few of us went to a place called Gunnebo in Mölndal county on the outskirts of Göteborg. To be frank, we had no idea what the place was famous for apart from the castle. By the time we left Smyckegatan it was close to noon, and there was no sign of sun, though the weather prediction for the day was partly cloudy!
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Marseille 069
Last time I was in Sweden, it was quite cold to venture anywhere in Scandinavia. So, me and a group of my friends were looking at places in and around Spain or France where it was much better at that time of the year. At that time, we came across a very good deal from Ryanair. Return trip to Marseille, France from Gothenburg was 500 SEK (Around 3000 Rs). Best part was that the flight left Gothenburg on a friday at 7.30 PM and in return, reached Gothenburg by 7 PM on the sunday. What more can one ask?
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Padavedu is a small village in between Vellore and Tiruvannamalai.
Probably the only place where there is a temple in the middle of a banana and paddy field(Will come to it at the end of the log). This place is quite famous for the Renuka Parameswari temple. But apart from that not much is known(Atleast for me). After spending a day at Vellore on saturday I was quite confused on the plans for Sunday. Initially the plan was to visit Virinjipuram and then Mahadeva Malai. Later, I happened to meet one of my project managers from my previous company at Tiruvalam. It was a very pleasant surprise, and it was he who suggested me to visit Melpadi and then Padavedu. He mentioned that there was a very old Ramar temple in Padavedu and it was something not to be missed. Later my brother also mentioned about this place. He said there were around 7 to 8 old temples in Padavedu and they are worth seeing. So I changed my plans and decided to visit Padavedu.

Sambuvarayars are from Padavedu. They ruled this place. According to history, most of the temples (Except for Venugopala Swamy and Lakshmi Narasimhar) were submerged in sand. They were discovered in 1993 by TVS family and from then they are maintaining it.
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Tiruvalam and Melpadi

Vilvanatheeswara temple, Triuvalam
Tiruvalam is around 25 kms from Vellore. There is a very famous Sivan temple there called as ‘Vilvanatheeswarar Devasthanam’. As the sign board says, it seems this was the place where Lord Ganesha did a pradakshanam for his parents and got the mango. And this was the place where Dakshan was doing a Yaga, which Lord Siva destroyed. It is a paadal petra sthalam.
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Chunchi aka ChooChoo Falls

Last Saturday myself, RC and Maverick went out for dinner. RC was jumping like Janagaraj ‘En pondaati ooruku poitaa’. And he was very keen to go somewhere. As in a day trip. We quickly googled and short listed on this place called Chunchi falls. Since the monsoon had been pretty good this time, we thought a waterfall should be interesting. Maverick dropped out as he had to take care of his baby daughter 🙂

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Parsson’s Valley

Parssons Valley:
Before traveling to Ooty I asked my friends on the places to see in and around Ooty. Rather the popular tourist attractions. Once I gathered that information, I decided that these places can be visited at a later stage in life, when I would be claiming the educational cess 😉 Or better, when I don’t have the choice of places to visit: P
The main reason I chose Ooty was for this place called Parssons valley. Having heard from my friend Arun about this place, I didn’t want to miss it. When I mentioned this to the resort guys, they were bit surprised as no one goes there. Very good, I say! I hired a jeep since that’s the only vehicle that can go there.
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Coonoor, Coonoor to Ooty – A travelogue

Though I could have taken the train to Ooty directly, I decided to take a break at Coonoor. After a scenic journey I reached Coonoor at around 10.30 AM. My train to Ooty was at 16.30 hrs. I caught hold of one Rickshaw and struck a deal with him. He agreed to show me entire coonoor for 450 Rs in 5 hrs. First I went to a doctor nearby and got treated for the finger. He gave some medicines, so that there is no infection. By this time I had got used to the pain. Hmmm.
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