Duse Udde / Säffle

Saffle 011Saffle 314
Last Friday we had a holiday, since it was midsummer’s day in Sweden. The weather forecast for Göteborg was not quite good. Rain and wind was predicted. And there are no more holidays for next few months. Just the right time to get out of the house, is what myself and couple of my colleagues decided. We went to this camping site called Duse Udde(www.duseudde.se), quite close to the town Säffle and the lake Vänern. The drive was quite good. Initially we bought all the stuff required for camping like tents, sleeping bags and groceries for cooking.
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Over the long weekend I had been to Prague in Czech Republic. Apart from Prague, I visited another place called Telc(pronounced Telch) in southern part of Czech, close to the Austrian border. It is a historical town and right now it is part of UNESCO heritage site.
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