Singam 2 review

Last week I had the misfortune of watching Singam 2. Rather than calling it a review I have decided to call it as an experience

Story: 5E.

People who are from Chennai might have heard of the bus 5E. The unique nature of this bus is that after it leaves Vadapalani for the next 1 to 1.5 hours it will always be in KK Nagar. Even jangri’s and jilebi’s will have less spin than this bus route. Singam 2 story is like that. At any given point movie is at same place. Surya will be shouting and fighting.

Screenplay and acting: hey, Hey, HEY, HEYYY!
I initially thought I will split this but since surya’s acting is tightly interwoven with the screenplay, I could not separate it out. Hari is very intelligent. He has got various emotions out of Surya with just one word ‘hey’

Surya doing romance: Imagine you are lifting a heavy sofa along with your spouse or relative. How do you say ‘hey’ at that time. Very softly right? That voice modulation is to show Surya is romantic.

Surya mildly annoyed: Imagine eating pani puri. Just when you have broken the puri, poured the special liquid after stuffing the puri and are about to consume it, the entire puri crumbles. Imagine how annoyed and frustrated you will be. Try saying Hey at that time.

Surya very annoyed: The worst thing traveling by bus for an overnight journey is the lack of toilet options. Imagine you waking up with a full bladder just after the bus has completed its scheduled stop and is rejoining the highway from the roadside dhaba. HEY. Yes exactly. Not everyone will be like panchathanthiram jayaram to say ‘enakku innum aagalai’.

Surya completely annoyed: Imagine you booking a ticket for a good movie but by mistake the movie operator plays bharathira

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Villu – Review

Naidu Hall Salesman
You are spoilt, if you watch or intend to watch this movie. So please do not mind the spoilers that are there in this review. It does not make any difference if you know or do not know the plot.

Seldom does one get to know what a movie has in store, just by looking at the title card. In Villu, director P.Deva tries to warn the audience by going in for the song ‘Achcham enbadhu madamayada, anjamai dravidar udaimaiyada’. I think he wanted to actually say ‘Indha padam paaka vandhu irukkiye. Nee oru madayan da’.
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Arasaangam – Boochandi Exclusive

PTC na enna?
For the first twenty minutes, you really wonder whether this is a Vijayakanth movie. Very unpredictable and has all the setting for a thriller. Few people get killed by killers, who are anything but stereotype killers. And as expected a special officer is appointed to investigate. Once again, there is a twist. The special officer is not Captain. Well, Captain has always been an aapeesarr. I was wondering if this movie will turn out to be like a non-captainish captain movies like Sathriyan, Ramana etc. But then, Captain knows how his die hard fans peel. Sorry. Feel. So, we get to hear some amazing dialogues from a girl who says ‘Neenga ippadi dhaan pesitte irupeenga. Ennoda tension unga yaarukume puriyalai. Enakku Bayama irukku. Unga kitta solli waste. Yaara koopadnum nu enakku theriyum’. Exactly. She read the mind of every captain fan. And then. And then. And then
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kanji kanji kudipaal avaL

Super director from Bollywood, Mr Karan Johar has decided to make a tamil movie. Machi TV will be his media partner, and here we provide some glimpses of the movie. For the first time in history of Tamil cinema, we will provide updates on the movie, even before the star cast is finalised, and story is discussed. But the big news is that Cheran has agreed to be the assistant director for the movie. How did this happen?

Mr Karan meets Cheran with a coffee.

Coffee with Cheran
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Pudhupatti poNNuthayi

Pudhupatti poNNuthaayi – praaNdufy paayi

I somehow missed this masterpiece when it was released. The movie has Napoleon, Vijayakumar, Radhika, Manjula and some young kapple in the cast.

Vijayakumar and Napoleon are Thavil and Nadhaswaram vidhvaans. Radhika is Vijayakumars sister and Napoleons wife. Manjula is Vijayakumars wife . There is a pretty unique opening for a tamil movie. There is a duet featuring Vijayakumar and Napoleon. Err, only Vijayakumar and Napoleon dance while Manjula and Radhika stand by the side. Guess the choreographer rented a gym exercise video cassette instead of dance steps video cassette. As a result you find Vijayakumar and Napoleon doing exercise for a folk song composed using Mridangam Thavil and Nadhaswaram. Thankfully KTV beamed some commercials after this song, so that viewers can recover from the after effects of exercise dance.

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Piriyamaana aavi

After the success of ‘Boochi-Sound Horn’, Chee Chee movies is proud to present its next venture ‘Piriyamana aavi’ to be directed by Vikraman. Music SA Rajkumar. Cast. Jayam Ravi, Sneha, Prakashraj, Nasser, Nambiar, Madan Pop, Ambika, Rekha, Sadha.

Prakashraj is a college professor. Nambiar is his dad. Ambika is his wife. Prakashraj and Nambiar are having breakfast
(Calling bell rings)
Sneha enters.
Sneha: Excuse me. Inga Ravi appadinu oruthar
Ambika: Yaar ma?
Sneha: Illai. Naan Sindhi Model School student. 12th padikkaren. Ravi sir Maths nalla solli kodupaar nu kaeLvi pattirukken. Enakku kathu tharuvaara?
Ambika: Illai ma. Avan pasangaLukku dhaan kathu tharuvaan. poNNungaLukku kathu thara maatan
Sneha: avar andha maadhiriya?
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Shankar’s next movie.

Boochi-Sound Horn.

Opening scene.

A city taxi driver is zooming in the city honking non stop and terrorizing the pedestrians and other motorists. Suddenly something lands on top of the car. The driver is stunned and he slows down his car. A big fat man with black face and dark red lip stick, jittu kudumi with pink ribbon and kanakambaram flower jumps down from the car. He goes near the driver and screams on his ear ‘Ikkada raNdi. En peru boochandi’.
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Naan Avan Illai – NAI

NAI. Off late in Sun Music, there is a song from this movie ‘Naan Avanillai’. It looked like a trademark Boochandi movie. Google told me that this movie is a remake of the yesteryear classic in which Gemini Ganesan was the hero. And its a KB movie. Rather a KB classic. I was worried. Is it worth watching this movie? I have a policy of watching only very good or very bad movies. What if the movie is neither good, nor bad? But then whats life without risks?

The movie is about Jeevan, a trickster, who cheated around 4 women and got married to them. So there is a court case where all the cheated girls come and narrate their stories. And Jeevan declines any help from the lawyers and defends himself. There is a proverb. ‘Oru paanai sotrukku oru soRu padham’.

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Vyaabari – The Loose

Vyaabari – 100 % profit

Have 10 test tubes, along with pippette and burette from some school chemistry lab on a table. Fill them with Rasna, Fanta, Thumsup, Bovonto, Vinegar etc. Light a tortoise coil below the table. So the room is filled with smoke, along with all this stuff. Make Nasser sit behind these tables. What do you get? A scientist in tamil cinema. In this movie Nasser discovers human cloning! With this huge expectation, the movie starts.

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Muni – Film Review – Customize your Payee

Having an exclusive Customer Care executive helps. Let it be with your Cellphone network provider, ICICI bank or Maruti Car service centre. Where in, you can get what you want by just contacting that person instead of spending hours explaining same thing time and again to different people. Imagine extending the same analogy to a ghost as in Pei(Payee). You get the movie Muni. Thalai Ezhuthu

If you are a type of person who gets scared at horror movies, then this movie is a must watch for you. You will start laughing at ghosts in future. Asingapaduthitaanga

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Sabari – Movie review

One of the most cliched questions asked to any actor is ‘What would you have become, If you hadn’t entered cine field?’ And the prompt answer is ‘Engineer or Doctor’. But then, what is Captain Vijayakanth, if he answers this question in television or newspaper? In his trademark style, Captain has acted as a doctor(pronounced daagdarrr) in this movie Sabari-The Sharp Knife. No, not a veterinary doctor but a cardioligist. That too one of the leading cardiologists in the world.

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